Nine Lives

Nine Lives


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Stuart Wilde

Inspired by the 1958 western The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca, George Noory hosted five hours of Open Lines featuring a "Nine Lives" special topic line for callers who, like Elfego Baca, have nine lives. George was especially interested in learning how many lives people thought they had already used up.

Wendell from Phoenix purportedly used one of his nine lives while cutting through live high voltage wires. He said he saw a flash of light, his cutters were instantly welded to the wire conduit, and he was pushed back about 15 feet. Another caller told George she had been struck twice by lightning and could "smell death" around her. A trucker named Kenneth recounted using up three of his lives: one when he was electrocuted by 15,000 volts (which left him "dead" for four minutes), and two more for truck accidents.

An interesting call came in from David of Bristol, Connecticut, who claimed to have developed the ability to remote view. During one session, he reported visiting a Navy base where he was confronted by a man who ordered, "Get out. You don't belong here." David believes this man could be an astral guard, charged with protecting the military's remote viewing program from outsiders.

Seattle Quake

During the first few minutes of Friday's show, author and lecturer Stuart Wilde shared visions he has been having of a massive quake that will rock Seattle. He believes if it happens, an earthquake originating in the Pacific Ocean near the Seattle shore will occur tomorrow (November 6, 2004) at either 7:15 AM or 7:15 PM. According to Wilde, Seattle residents should also expect a 200-ft tall tidal wave to accompany the quake.

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In late May 2004, Frank P. (email) captured an object in the skies over Wisconsin that was not visible to the naked eye. Using an infrared light blocking filter attached to a night vision video camera, he shot the object for several minutes until it moved out of frame.

Watch the video:

Win | Real

Read Frank's account in his own words:

"The reason I shot the video is because I was looking for UFOs. I set up a camera in the window at my house pointed in the south-southeast direction. I decided to buy a visible light blocking filter and a night vision camera for this very reason.

Cameras see much wider light ranges than human eyes. Photos released on your site as well as many in the mainstream news: Mexico Military UFOs, Bra Fence UFO, and the Cheerleader Practice UFO are all examples of craft that were not visible to the naked eye but visible under expanded light ranges. I did verify at different points during its descent that it was not visible as well.Personally I believe we have an amazing amount of UFOs everywhere and I believe if you set up a camera just like I did in your area, you would be just as likely to catch one in 2 or 3 hours just like mine.

The entire video is actually over three minutes. It is very odd. The object enters the camera view and has a contrail like it is entering the atmosphere. After a short time it loses its contrail and continues to descend roughly down, but traveling slightly to the right. I zoomed in and got it in the frame of a telephone wire (this is where the video I sent you starts and lasts a few seconds in which it makes some eradic movements.). After this, it leaves the camera view behind a house chimney that is nearby, leaving at a down and slightly to the left direction. It enters the camera frame traveling slightly to the right and leaves traveling slightly to the right and has a few erratic movements in its path."

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