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    Author and hypnotic regressionist Dr. Bruce Goldberg offered details about future life progression, time travel, soul mates, Atlantis and aliens. In his accessing of the Akashic Records, he revealed two of George Noory's future lives-- one as a Texas-based radio host in the 22nd Century named Dexter Monterey, who appears as a hologram to his audience of 300 million on the Global Communication Network. George's other future life, said Goldberg, is that of Xeor, a psychic researcher who assists time travelers in the 35th Century and lives to the ripe age of 800.

    He named "Tontos" as the discoverer of time travel in the year 3050 and described the technology as involving a "Wormhole Linear Accelerator" as well as a "Morphogenic Cell Regulator." The travelers can morph themselves into any human appearance, he said, and can communicate via a device with their supervisors who may be either in the past or the future. Time travelers are often chased by M.I.B.'s (Men in Black), who may be part of a "Black Brotherhood" of lower astral entities, he noted.

    Goldberg also shared some tips on how to ward off alien abductions, such as with the "greys." The herbs pennyroyal and St. John's wort are repellent to the beings, as is the metal iron. But best, he said, is to confront the creatures, assertively telling them to "get away" or "leave me alone."

    Filament Book Club

    During the first hour of Tuesday's show, author and publisher William J. Birnes announced the debut of the Filament Book Club. The eBook service is offering a free electronic reader to the first 35,000 subscribers and features such authors as Jim Marrs, Roger Leir and Bruce Goldberg.

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    One of the future life progressions that Dr. Bruce Goldberg profiles in his book Past Lives, Future Lives, is that of a woman named Emily. Under hypnosis she tells him that around 1,600 years in the future she will be named Sequestra and live on the planet Phonican in the Andromedan system. Her race is controlled by beings of light known as the Aracatha.

    "I despise them but I do not fear them. They are cruel and enslave my people through mind control," she explains of this rather 1984-ish world.

    Using tall metal rods on the tops of buildings, the Aracatha gain access to citizens' thought patterns. But Sequestra's father invented a metal helmet that can block the scanning. Eventually, as she nears her 300th year, Sequestra and her fellow rebels are able to trap the Aracatha into human bodies, who are then carted off to an asteroid to pay off their karmic debts.

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