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Aliens, Demons & Souls

Date Sunday - October 10, 2004
Host Art Bell
Guests Zeph Daniel

Author Zeph Daniel, a Satanic Abuse survivor, returned to the show, sharing his unusual life experiences as well as detailing the nature of alien and demonic interactions. The purpose behind Satanic Ritual Abuse is to "dislodge the soul" from a child, so that a demonic entity can enter and grow up in that person, he explained.

It was in the year 2000 that Daniel said he finally found God and was able to completely overcome the mind control that was still operating upon him. He began having journeys in "spirit" where he was shown things such as a "crystal city" on the moon, a base where human souls are held in high tech devices. He also said he learned that most alien abductions and interactions are actually a cover story for "demonic oppression."

A new "internal invasion" is planned by the demonic entities he stated, which will take place in the dream state and will involve half the planet, experiencing what is thought of as alien abduction. The purpose is to get permission for people to be taken, said Daniel, who added that as a "spiritual warrior" he will fight this process. He also described an associate's spirit journey to the underground Dulce base in New Mexico, where thousands of souls were being held captive. This person, he said, was able to minister to the spirits and allowed them to escape, leaving behind their bodies as empty containers.

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