Interpreting Nostradamus

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Interpreting Nostradamus


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    The highly regarded Nostradamus scholar David Ovason shared his interpretations of the great seer's quatrains, including ones dealing with the United States, which he examined in his book Nostradamus: Prophecies for America. There is "no doubt that he could see into the future," he said of Nostradamus, whose prophecies have fascinated the world for the last 450 years.

    Ovason noted that Nostradamus composed his verses in a very complex manner, and though they were written in French, they incorporated Latin, Greek, Hebrew and Italian words or references. One of Ovason's favorite quatrains concerned the appearance of a new star in 1572, and indeed there was a visible nova that appeared in the sky (Nostradamus had penned the quatrain in 1552). Among the correct prophecies Nostradamus made about America that he listed, were the Declaration of Independence, the discovery of electricity, the space program and the attack on the Twin Towers.

    At least 300 of Nostradamus' prophecies were "precisely accurate," commented Ovason, but he believes that because of the way they were written, their accuracy can only be recognized after an event has taken place."Subcultural" Nostradamus interpreters often misunderstand or wrongly translate some of Nostradamus' references, Ovason declared. He cited as an example of this the quatrain that mentions Mabus, which some have taken as the name of the third antichrist. Mabus was the name of a place, not a person, he explained.

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