The Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Bank


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsAndre Eggelletion, Joe Meyer

Entrepreneur and radio talk show host Andre Eggelletion shared his insights into the Federal Reserve System, which he characterized as a privately owned banking cartel. The privatization of our money system, first begun in 1913, is one of America's prime causes of economic turmoil, he believes.

The Federal Reserve has for many years no longer backed currency with gold or silver, and as a private corporation it's free to make profits off its transactions and interest charges. In fact, Eggelletion pointed out that part of the U.S.'s national debt is actually owed to the Federal Reserve. This rampaging system has lowered the standard of living for most Americans and robs people of their money through inflation, he stated.

The Reserve, which has never been audited, is so powerful that he views it as a "separate shadow government" of America, with Allan Greenspan "riding the back of the tiger." Eggelletion advocates for the US government to nationalize the central bank and restore the constitutional power to issue our own money. But he said that only one Congressman (Ron Paul from Texas) has been brave enough to stand up for this. The rest of Congress lacks the "intestinal fortitude to challenge the economic paradigm," he declared.

Lost Money Case

First half-hour guest, financial consultant Joe Meyer discussed the case of Dorothy Weissman, an 82-year old widow who has been unable to cash a found check for $45,111, made out to her late husband in 1984. While Florida law dictates that checks are no longer valid after a certain date, Meyer said he is assisting the woman in trying to retrieve the windfall.

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The American artist J.S.G. Boggs has become known for his artwork which closely resembles currency. Rather than sell his creations, he attempts to use these bills to pay for goods and services. He doesn't try to pass them off as real, but instead tries to convince vendors that his artwork has the same or higher value as the denomination it is labeled. (Watch a video from the arts show Egg of one his typical transactions.)

Occasionally his work has been seized by the Secret Service but so far he hasn't been convicted of counterfeiting. For more on Boggs, view images on ArtScene or read this entry at Wikipedia.

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