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Predictions for America


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    Intuitive Sean David Morton returned to the show, in what he said was his 50th appearance on Coast to Coast, now dating back 14 years. The four greatest natural dangers to the US between now and 2015 are the Yellowstone caldera, Mt. Rainier, the San Andreas Fault and the New Madrid Fault, he declared. We've already seen some precursor incidents to what could lead to some massively destructive events, he warned.

    The United States, he noted, has recently moved into a new 30-year astrological period, that of "Pisces," which accentuates trends related to water, cleansing, tsunamis, intuition, empathy and mysteries. He does not see Pres. George W. Bush finishing his current term. Also, efforts have begun to move the US capital to Denver, which will be the one of the final battlegrounds in a war with China, he estimates to occur around 2018.

    Here are some of the tips and financial information that Morton presented:

    • Gold will go up to 525 by January 2006. The Swiss Helvetica gold coin is a good buy.
    • After the EU Constitution is finally approved, the Euro may rise as high as $2.00, making it a smart investment now.
    • The U.S. will instigate a 2-tiered money system, where those with offshore accounts will be given "redbacks," and there will be a separate US-only currency.
    • The Bilderberg group has OK'd the rise of oil barrel prices to $150 by sometime next year.
    • Good stock picks for right now: Caterpillar Tractor, Texas Instruments, XM Satellite, Pixar, Walmart, NutraCea and Palatin Pharmaceuticals.

    Terrorism Update

    In the first hour, Paul Guercio & George Hart of the Merlin Project appeared briefly at the start of the show. They discussed how their various Timetraks which they have run on such subjects as Osama bin Laden, Tony Blair and the Madrid bombings, helped them to anticipate the terrorist attacks which occurred today in London. Then, intelligence expert Douglas Hagmann joined the show to offer commentary on the London incidents. He said there was significant stock selling six hours before the attacks, which likely indicates that some people knew they were coming.

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