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Quirky Open Lines


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    During Friday night's Open Lines, George offered an 'idiosyncrasies' hotline for callers who wanted to share their own personal quirks. Jesse from St. Louis explained that whenever he's eating something crunchy he blinks his eyes each time he chews. John in Los Angeles, who informed George he's a "toilet paper over" kind of guy, said whenever he grabs a tissue he must turn the Kleenex box 180 degrees. Mark from Kansas revealed that he goes to bed au naturel but lays out a set of clothes in case there is a fire.

    Other interesting calls included Shannon's frightening vision of a mandatory government vaccination program, in which some people are vaccinated by force while others are taken away to a hospital for experimentation. Another caller claimed to have witnessed a light following after his car on a lonely road outside of Augusta, Georgia. The caller believes the UFO was quite large, as he estimated it was at least 40 miles away from him yet appeared to be about the size of a Volkswagen.

    Throughout the evening, several callers shared "This Is Your Life" moments with George. Brook from Newport, Rhode Island, noted that he and George were born on the same day and, in a startling coincidence, both worked at the Great Scott supermarket chain as bag packers (It was George's first job). Another caller remembered shopping at Great Scott in Dearborn Heights, Michigan and recalled George helping her family carry bags out to their car. At the end of the final hour, George played a recording of Dr. Morgus reciting one of his fun and creepy Hearse-ry Rhymes.

    Alien Encounter

    First hour guest, artist and teacher Douglas Taylor, shared how his life was transformed by an encounter with seven beings aboard a celestial starship. According to Taylor, the alien craft was constructed from a diamond-like material that allowed it to travel nearly instantaneously from one place to another. He said the occupants of the starship appeared to him as blond homosapiens in white spacesuits and communicated with him telepathically. Taylor credits the experience with expanding his spiritual development and unlocking his creativity. For more, check out some of Taylor's artwork.

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