Non-Human Apparitions

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Date Host Art Bell
Guests Joshua P. Warren

Paranormal investigator and author Joshua P. Warren discussed his latest work on non-human apparitions, including inanimate objects (ghost ships), aliens and pet spirits. He said reports of "phantimals," or animal ghosts, are extremely common. They usually return for a short time, Warren noted, pointing out that pet spirits can often look just as physical as living creatures.

Warren talked about research he conducted in Roswell for the Discovery Channel's never-to-air X-Ops show. He said a seance was held in Hanger 84 (where dead alien bodies were supposedly once stored) in the hope of contacting alien ghosts that Roswell residents have reportedly witnessed in the area. According to Warren, several hi-def cameras picked up what appeared to be a large snake-like figure floating over their heads and slithering across the hanger.

Warren shared his thoughts about Bigfoot and Mothman, as well as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and talking with entities in other dimensions. Warren said he has not seen any body of EVP work that is comprehensive and accurate enough to stand up to the scrutiny of the scientific method. Warren also estimated that he'd visited between 500 and 1,000 supposedly haunted places over the last 15 years, but claimed only 50 or so had any detectable paranormal activity. He suggested anyone could measure the energy build-up associated with ghostly phenomena by using a florescent bulb, AM radio, or compass.

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