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Atlantis Discoveries

Date Monday - August 7, 2006
Host George Noory
Guests Robert Sarmast

Explorer and researcher Robert Sarmast discussed discoveries of underwater structures off Cyprus which he believes are the remnants of Atlantis. Sonar data from the area has provided over 50 matches to Plato's descriptions of Atlantis, he said. Especially interesting is a two-mile long wall that is 35 feet high.

Another expedition is planned to the one-mile undersea location, and Sarmast thinks there are tons of artifacts down there waiting to be discovered. "It's a living museum," and what will be found there "is going to astonish the human race," he enthused.

In addition to believing that the Atlanteans invented civilization as we know it (reading, writing, architecture, agriculture etc.) as far back as 20,000 years ago (and maybe further), Sarmast has also come to the conclusion that Atlantis is the original site of the Garden of Eden. He cited the Urantia book as naming this area as the location for Eden many years ago.

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