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Secret Door VI

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After a first hour of Open Lines, six surprise guests joined us in separate segments for our latest edition of Behind the Secret Door. Numerologist Glynis McCants kicked things off with a look at the rest of 2008. Regarding the election, McCain is a 2 'lifepath' and is in a personal year of 2-- so "the stars are lined up for this man," she declared. Yet, she doesn't count Hillary out, who is in a personal year of 1. Obama, she noted, is in a year of 4, and learning lessons as he goes.

Next, author Robert Zubrin warned that the OPEC cartel wants to crash the American economy and then "buy out the wreckage." He argued for a flex fuel mandate (so that cars will run on both gasoline and alcohol) and said that increased ethanol production is not related to food shortages. 500 million acres of US farmland are not being utilized, and we have tremendous capacity to expand production, he commented.

Filmmaker and radio host Alex Jones suggested that New World Order forces were using al Qaeda terrorist threats to scare the American population and drive them into submission, possibly even into FEMA camps at some point. He noted there's a plan for police in Massachusetts to wear black uniforms to "instill fear" in citizens.

Next through the Secret Door was 'earthquake sensitive' Cal Orey who expressed concern about the recent swarm of shallow earthquakes in Nevada, which she predicted in the Tahoe Tribune. Reno, in particular, has many unknown faults, she said. Northern California, up by Eureka, could expect a 6.0 to 7.0 quake in an eight day window starting May 4th, she added.

Author and speaker David Icke discussed how society works to keep people imprisoned through one-dimensional left-brain views. You can't solve problems with the same level of consciousness that has created them, he noted.

Closing out the show, seer Dr. Louis Turi said the "tail of the dragon" won't be leaving the U.S. for a year and a half. The low end will arrive around August with possible national disasters, heat waves, and fires. Things will begin to finally clear up and become more positive by February 2009, he predicted.

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