Slovakia Artifact & Marley Woods

Slovakia Artifact & Marley Woods


HostGeorge Knapp

GuestsTed Phillips

UFO researcher Ted Phillips spoke about his investigations into a huge Slovakia artifact (Project Moonshaft) and the Marley Woods sightings. During WW II, Tony Horak said he was hiding in a cave in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, and subsequently discovered a tower-sized artifact, shaped like a cylinder, embedded in the rock. The intelligently designed structure is many, many thousands of years old, Phillips estimated. He has made two trips to Slovakia but wasn't able to relocate the cave. Now, he announced, funding is in place for his team to make a third attempt to find the artifact and bring back samples.

'Marley Woods,' a several mile-wide area in an undisclosed location, has been the subject of a 10-year investigation by Phillips. Every type of UFO has been spotted there, with reports going as far back as 1937.Greenish-white lights have approached cars and beams of light have been seen sweeping over fields, he said. There've been numerous trace cases, including burned rings swirled into the ground repeatedly inside a small area enclosed by barbed wire. Some 172 witnesses have seen small moving balls of white light, he noted, and one such ball was observed making a right angle turn.

Needles UFO

In the first hour, George Knapp discussed his ongoing investigation of the Needles UFO crash in May, 2008.

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