Bizarre/Freaky Calls

Bizarre/Freaky Calls


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Varla Ventura

During Open Lines, George invited callers to share their own bizarre and freaky tales. Richard in Pennsylvania recounted the strange story of Stone Man Willie, who according to legend was turned to stone by a botched embalming procedure. Richard said Willie's hair and fingernails still grow to this day. Terry in Colorado said he saw a documentary on a science channel about explorers who found "two, completely intact, frozen bodies of dragons" in an ice cave in the Carpathian Mountains.

Steven, a truck driver from Morristown, Tennessee, described what it was like growing up in a haunted house. On one particular afternoon, Steven recalled hearing noise from the second floor, then what sounded like someone running down the stairs, followed by heavy breathing. According to Steven, he and his sister were tormented for several years, but their parents, who are deaf, did not believe them. A discovery in the upstairs attic eventually led them to believe the house was haunted by the ghost of young boy who may have died there. Daniel in Madison, Wisconsin claims to hear somebody walking around the grocery store where he works, rustling through bags of chips. When he goes to find the source of the noise, he said no one can be found.

The last half hour featured George's 1/24/08 interview with founding members of The Doors, keyboardist Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger, as well as author R. Gary Patterson.

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In the first hour, author Varla Ventura shared some of the strange stories from her new work, Book of the Bizarre. Ventura talked about ancient clay tablets uncovered from a human sacrificial pit in Tartaria, Transylvania in 1961. Known as the Transylvanian Tablets, these artifacts contain the language of a Stone Age agricultural tribe which predates Sumerian writing by a millennium and Minoan writing by 2,000 years, she said.

Ventura recounted an interesting tale about General Ulysses S. Grant and his wife, who were supposed to attend the theater with Lincoln on April 14, 1865 -- the day the 16th President was assassinated. Grant's wife had a dream premonition of danger, Ventura explained, so the two left Washington, D.C. It was later learned that General Grant had also been on John Wilkes Booth's hit list, she noted.

Ventura also talked about the Pennsylvania man who sued Satan for causing him misery, an odd law that makes it illegal in some states to ingest duck dander (because of its intense hallucinogenic properties), and the Bateson Revival Device, which made it possible for people who had been buried alive to sound a bell and alert someone in the graveyard of their predicament.

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