Past Life Regressions & Channeling

Past Life Regressions & Channeling


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Charles Tramont, Katherine Albrecht

A former practitioner of conventional medicine, Dr. Charles Tramont discussed how he now treats people with hypnotherapy, conducting past-life regressions. Through his hypnotized clients, he also works with spirit guides and releases attached entities. Past lives are imprinted in our cellular memory, and negative emotional incidents from those lives can impinge on a person's current well being, he explained. Many times after someone recalls a particular past life, their physical or psychological problem dissipates.

He cited the case of a man in his 50's who had difficulty being around new people. He was regressed to a life he lived in the 1920s, where he was kidnapped as a child. After he was let go, his grandfather told him: "From this moment on, you will never speak to strangers!" His conscious recall of this allowed him to comfortably be around unfamiliar people, Tramont said. He also detailed cases where he progressed clients to their future lives, all the way up to the 31st century. We can look forward to flying cars by 2080, but there'll be nuclear destruction on the planet starting in 2750, he conveyed.

By tapping into his clients' higher consciousness during their hypnotic states, Tramont said he is able to channel spirit guides and various disembodied entities that have attached themselves. In the case of a client named Jason, who was bipolar and had abdominal pain, he found out there was a "colonial type" ET attached to him, that was feeding off energy in his solar plexus and conducting mind experiments. Jason was cured after the entity was released, Dr. Tramont reported.

Privacy Update

First hour guest, privacy activist Katherine Albrecht warned that a component in Obama's Stimulus Plan called for citizens' personal medical records to be placed in a national electronic database, and that many different organizations/entities would have access to the files. HMOs are lobbying for this proviso, she noted. In terms of search engine privacy, Albrecht touted the site Ixquick for not keeping any tracking records.



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