Open Lines

Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Ann Druyan, Michael Harrison

During Open Lines, George Noory offered a special 'Monster in the Closet' line. John in State Center, Iowa, recalled seeing a brown monster come out of his closet when he was three or four years old. John said the creature brought along several small chickens that it killed in front of him, before returning to the closet. Another caller, also named John, told George about a hooded form with a cloak that visited him in his Fredericksburg, Virginia house in 1986. John described being at a loss for words upon seeing the 'angel of death' figure but said he managed to get out, "not yet," after which the figure retreated to a wall and vanish from sight.

Several callers commented on chemtrail-related topics. George in Los Angeles (a caller, not the host) discussed U.S. Patent #5003186, titled "Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming." George claimed the government is spraying toxic chemicals daily over the San Fernando Valley. He called chemtrail spraying a "global holocaust" responsible for increases in the rates of cancer, autism and Alzheimer's. Diane in Glendale, Arizona, shared her belief that chemtrail/cloud-seeding cause respiratory problems, and that meteorologists are in on the conspiracy.

Some listeners also phoned in to answer George's request to play an instrument (or sing a song). The final half hour featured part of George's 03/31/09 interview with paranormal investigator John Zaffis and his guest, Carmen Reed, who described her family's ordeal living in a haunted former funeral parlor in Connecticut.

Remembering Carl Sagan

In the first hour, George spoke with Ann Druyan, widow of the late astronomer Carl Sagan, and Michael Harrison, publisher of TALKERS magazine, a trade industry publication related to talk radio and new talk media. The two shared memories about Sagan and discussed their video podcast project, At Home in the Cosmos with Annie Druyan. In the videos, Druyan provides intimate details of her life with and love of the man who popularized science for millions with his books and television appearances. Druyan said Sagan's secret to greatness was being "filled [in equal measures] with both skepticism and wonder" about the Cosmos.


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