Precognitive Dreams & 'Shocking' Stories

Precognitive Dreams & 'Shocking' Stories


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Gillian Holloway, Jordan Maxwell, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, George was joined by Dr. Gillian Holloway, and two special guests, for a discussion on precognitive dreams. Holloway said precognitive dreams can involve future warnings, flashes of destiny, and even romance. She estimated that out of the people who remember their dreams regularly (around 50% of the population), about 1 in 10 dream something that will later occur in real life. "When something comes that just doesn't fit [your normal dream routine]," Holloway explained, "that can be a marker that it could be a precognitive dream." The telltale sign is how you feel about it, she added.

The first special guest, Meredith Smith, shared a precognitive dream that ended up changing her life. In the dream, Smith learned from a young woman that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. After awakening, Smith said she felt compelled to visit a friend's house, where she found a journal belonging to her friend's sister. The journal confirmed her dream -- her boyfriend was having an affair. Next, Andy Paquette in the Netherlands described a precognitive dream he had at seventeen, in which he was married for seven years, separated for a year, then reunited with his wife. Paquette said he later met the woman from his dream in a drawing class in California. Just as in his dream, they were together for seven years, apart for a year, then back together again.

'Shocking' Stories

During Open Lines, Carol from Greenwich Village, New York, told George she was at the 9/11 site shortly after the tragedy, when she noticed a tall man in a long, dark green overcoat. The man seemed odd and out of place, Carol explained, so she snapped several photos of him. According to Carol, the mysterious man did not appear in any of the pictures. George suggested he could have been an angel.

Diane in Seaside, Oregon, said she was literally shocked when her (now ex) boyfriend touched her thigh with a live cattle prod, while they were in a feed store. John in Naples, Florida, recalled the time he phoned a psychic hotline. The psychic informed John that he would be moving, changing careers, and meeting someone associated with the letter "M". John confirmed that he did indeed move and begin a new profession, and was astonished by the psychic's prediction when he met his future wife -- a woman whose first and last names begin with the letter "M".

Jordan Maxwell Update

Appearing briefly in the first half-hour, researcher Jordan Maxwell commented on current national issues, as well as his upcoming conference on Sunday (2/7/10).



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