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Shroud of Turin

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Jerome Corsi, Barrie Schwortz

On Easter night, author Jerome Corsi talked about his new novel The Shroud Codex, and was joined in the latter part of the show by Shroud researcher/photographer Barrie Schwortz. Corsi has concluded that the mysterious Shroud was the authentic burial cloth of Jesus, and the unusual markings on it were formed by supernatural means. The unique image of the Shroud shows evidence of the resurrection, possibly involving levitation and a burst of a light, and this process can be compared to modern particle physics with its emphasis on multi-dimensionality, he explained.

The Shroud has 3D-like qualities that reveal hundreds of scourge marks from the beating he received from a Roman officer, and evidence that he was nailed on the cross via his wrists instead of his palms, Corsi reported. This last detail corresponds with the way Romans actually crucified people rather than how Jesus has been typically depicted in paintings showing him on the cross. Corsi also discussed the work of Ray Downing who has used 3D computer technology to produce the "real face of Jesus," using the image of the crucified man in the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud is not a painting, photo, etching or other recognizable art form, and how it was made remains a genuine mystery, said Schwortz, who noted that more accurate carbon dating of the cloth could affirm that it was from the first century (rather than the medieval period, as has been claimed). A rare exhibition of the Shroud is taking place this year, from April 10-May 23, at the Cathedral of Turin in Italy. More info here.



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