Crystal Skulls & Open Lines

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Crystal Skulls & Open Lines


  • Mehler: Ancient vs. Modern Skulls
  • Nocerino: Sha Na Ra & Skull Messages
  • Seid: Power of Crystal Skulls
  • Van Etten: Skulls & Subtle Energies
  • About the show

    The first half of the show featured a discussion on crystal skulls with four special guests. Researcher and author Stephen Mehler announced the upcoming The Legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls Conference in New York City on October 9th and 10th. The two-day ceremonial event will bring together Mayan elders, numerous ancient and other significant crystal skulls, and experts from around the world. According to Mehler, when crystal skulls (ancient or modern) are brought together, they activate and have tremendous power. Some even give off their own visible aura, he added. Mehler believes advanced cultures from Earth's past created the ancient skulls as a way to transmit information and energy down through the ages.

    Michele Nocerino spoke about her father, the late crystal skull research pioneer Nick Nocerino, and her decision to honor his work by representing the ancient skull Sha Na Ra. Nocerino said her father did not seek out skulls, but skulls and the people associated with them seemed to find him nonetheless. As a child he had dreams and mirror visions of crystal skulls, and later was intuitively guided to the exact location of Sha Na Ra on an archeological dig in Mexico, she revealed. Nocerino claimed to have communicated with one of the crystal skulls in her father's collection, and suggested they are here as messengers of consciousness to help elevate humanity.

    Crystal workshop teacher Kirby Seid credited Nick Nocerino with showing him the connection between the form of the skull and the quartz crystal from which they are made. The skulls have power because of the quartz, Seid explained, pointing out that the ancients infused the crystals with their knowledge through ritual and intention. The ancient crystal skulls have either an oracle- or healing-like presence about them, he continued. Seid described the time he peered into the Mitchell-Hedges skull and saw spaceships and ETs. He also mentioned his Light Labyrinth project, which utilizes quartz crystals to create compositions of light meant to induce shamanic states in the people gazing at them.

    Jaap van Etten, Ph.D., who will be the Master of Ceremonies at the upcoming 'Legend of the 13' event, described his first encounter with a crystal skull that caused him to spontaneously cry. Anyone who has ever worked with the skulls can sense the subtle energies that surround them, he remarked, noting how this energy stimulates certain brain frequencies (meditative states) that can help us in our spiritual evolution. According to van Etten's research, crystal skulls plug into a matrix-like field of energy as they are being made. Skull carvers say the crystal actually dictates what form to carve, and claim to experience a shift in energy the moment the eyes are sculpted, he said.

    The remainder of the program was devoted to Open Lines.

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