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Bizarre Calls

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Herschell Gordon Lewis

George Noory hosted a night of Open Lines, offering a special 'bizarre' hotline. Steve from Nicholasville, Kentucky, recalled the time he was working at a seasonal haunted house and jumped out of a coffin to scare a young boy. According to Steve, the child did not jump, flinch, or even blink at him. Stranger still, the mysterious young boy was never seen exiting the attraction and a subsequent search turned up nothing, he added. Victoria in Manhattan believes she has stumbled upon a mid-air runway for military anti-gravity craft. On several nights she claimed to have witnessed a star-like beacon shining in the sky and multiple craft launching from the runway area. A caller named Rodney told George that he and a friend encountered The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia in a small Irish pub in Seattle about a month after he passed away.

Dr. Raymond phoned in to share his experiences working as a production manager on Herschell Gordon Lewis' The Gore Gore Girls. He recalled being given a mere 50 cents and asked to bring back a severed lamb's head for the effects department. Several callers recounted their own animal-related stories. Dave in Spokane, Washington, said he hit a moose and totaled his car this past May. John from Albuquerque, New Mexico, said he was driving his truck at 4:00am when he saw what appeared to be a row of sticks with white circles on top blocking the highway. As he got closer, John discovered it was a herd of deer crossing the road. Leonard in Berkeley, California, described the time a motorcycle buddy was t-boned by a deer while riding through Montana, and warned other bikers about the dangers posed by these animals.

The last half-hour featured a replay from 10/30/08, when George spoke with Dr. Bob Curran about zombies.

Gore Movies

In the first hour, George spoke with exploitation film director Herschell Gordon Lewis. Often called 'The Godfather of Gore', Lewis is perhaps best known for inventing the splatter movie sub-genre with 1963's Blood Feast. Lewis said he was inspired to do this kind of over-the-top gory picture after watching an old film in which a gangster was pumped full of bullet holes, yet died peacefully with only a small trace of blood on his shirt. Blood Feast turned out to be a huge success for Lewis, who went on to create other gory masterpieces, including his personal favorite, Two Thousand Maniacs!. Lewis also spoke about his most recent project, The Uh-oh Show, the challenges of independent filmmaking, and the importance of staying on budget and properly marketing a movie. Marketing is more important than the physical production of the film, he noted.


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