Earthbound Spirits & 'Saved' Stories

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Earthbound Spirits & 'Saved' Stories


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    In the first half of the program, real-life ghost whisperer Mary Ann Winkowski spoke about her work with earthbound spirits, as well as how to remove them from the haunted locations they inhabit. Ghosts linger around the living in places where they have unfinished business, she said. Apartment buildings are full of spirits coming and going, as are theater houses, Winkowski continued, noting that she personally witnessed a ghost standing next to the lead actor at a performance of Phantom of the Opera.

    Winkowski shared details from a case involving a woman's husband who had allegedly committed suicide. The woman had fallen in love with her deceased husband's twin brother and was not comfortable marrying him with her spouse's ghost still around, she explained. According to Winkowski, the dead husband indicated that he did not kill himself but had instead been murdered by his twin. Confronted with this information from beyond the grave, the living brother admitted to the crime and was arrested, she revealed.

    Winkowski commented on the slew of paranormal investigators, whose activities she believes are only annoying ghosts and making life worse for people who reside in haunted places. She suggested things to try if one's residence is overrun by troublesome spirits, including having the house blessed by an ordained minister or priest, burning a smudge stick in every room (including closets), placing bags of raw tobacco over doorways, and spreading sea salt around the perimeter of the home. Winkowski also talked about her book The Ice Cradle, psychic vampires, and what ghosts tell her at funerals.


    During Open Lines, George offered a special line for callers who wanted to share stories about being saved by someone or something. Susan in Springfield, Missouri, recounted the night she was driving to Minnesota and a deer jumped in front of a truck she was passing. "[My] van literally was picked up and turned around in the other direction," she said. Two older people dressed in clothes from the 1960s, and glowing in the dark, drove up out of nowhere to check on the situation, she explained. Susan believes she was saved by these guardian angels.

    Casey from Lone Rock, Wisconsin, told George about the time he was at camp and a mysterious voice saved him from certain death. Casey said he had snuck off with a friend to smoke cigarettes and took the wrong trail on the way back to camp. After hearing a voice in his head warning him to "stop," Casey said he shined his flashlight ahead to discover a several hundred foot drop off. An interesting call came in from Jamie in Detroit, Michigan, who recalled being contacted by his deceased aunt through a Ouija board. Jamie claimed the experience was positive and he was able to verify everything the Ouija board told him about her.


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