Open Lines

Open Lines


HostIan Punnett

GuestsOpen Lines, Buck Wolf, Steve Murdock

Filling in for George, Ian Punnett hosted a night of Open Lines. Bob in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, reported watching six orange globe-like UFOs line up in the sky and perform an aerial ballet. He said the amazing encounter was witnessed by his UFO group, which meets every year on the second Saturday of July in Dundee, Wisconsin. Bob also claimed to be in telepathic contact with an extraterrestrial UFO commander called "Eve," who expressed her desire that mankind stop waging war. Stefan from Chico disclosed seeing a UFO that appeared as a "huge triangle of light" in the skies over Southern California.

Lee in East Brunswick, New Jersey, shared a bizarre dream in which he found himself riding in the passenger side of an old gangster car with no driver. The car drove through fog on the wrong side of the road and ended up at house with white picket fence. Inside was the world's first gumball machine, a woman who told him he hadn't been there in a while, and a man sitting on a couch petting a black sheep, Lee revealed. The man's teeth looked like little people and there was a shiny bowl of raw meat on the floor with steam rising from it, he added. Lee said he did not know what any of it meant.

Drew from Eau Claire, Wisconsin, phoned in with his theory that the 1969 Moon landing could have been both a real event and a hoaxed broadcast. According to Drew, sets of the lunar surface were constructed so NASA could cut away in case the astronauts encountered something, such as alien artifacts or technology, that the government did not want the general population to see. Dawn in Vancouver, British Columbia described her encounter with bigfoot on a windy road in Canada. Seven years old at the time, Dawn recalled seeing a creature that stood 7-ft tall, covered in reddish hair, with a slender but stocky build.

Weird News & Population Shift

In the first half-hour, weird news editor for AOL News Buck Wolf (book link) briefly commented on some recent strange stories, including Sammy Hagar's alleged alien abduction (article), a world record attempt by a man who can rotate his feet backwards (article), and a new blurry video that purports to show "Knobby," the North Carolina Bigfoot (article). "[The figure in the video] looked like a guy who wandered out of costume party perhaps looking for the bathroom," he observed. Wolf also mentioned how he got Larry Harmon's Bozo the Clown thrown out of the International Clown Hall of Fame (article), and the time he interviewed an Italian cabbie named Adolf Hittler.

During the next 30 minutes, Steve Murdock, director of the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University, discussed population shifts in the United States. Over the last century, the number of people living in the South and West has increased from 38% to 60%, while the population in the Northeast and Midwest has declined from 62% to 40%, Murdock explained. There has also been a dramatic change in the racial and ethnic composition of America. According to Murdock, during the past decade the non-Hispanic white population grew by only 2.3 million, as Hispanics added 15.2 million, African-Americans 3.7 million, and Asians 5.3 million.



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