Impending Energy War

Impending Energy War


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsFreddy Silva, David Hagberg

George Noory was joined by writer David Hagberg, who shared his belief that an impending global energy war is currently brewing. He explained that oil-rich countries dependant on the export income, as well as holders of oil fund derivatives, are at the heart of this energy war. The ultimate goal, Hagberg said, is to perpetuate oil dependence and dissuade the development of alternative energy solutions. Based on his research, Hagberg foresees eventual terrorist attacks on nuclear power plants which will make such energy production unpalatable for Americans. Additionally, sabotage of the power grid system in the United States would result in skyrocketing electrical prices, making oil-based energy even more appealing.

In detailing one of the "early shots" in this energy war, Hagberg cited a 2009 article from the Wall Street Journal. In the story, it was revealed that the computer systems which control the flow of electricity in America have been compromised by a tenacious computer virus. "With the push of a button, they could shut down all the electricity in the United States," he warned. The virus is so sophisticated, he said, that experts believe it could only have come from China or Russia and attempting to remove it would collapse the electrical system in America. Hagberg noted that geopolitical analysts believe these countries would not use the virus to knock out our electrical system unless it were an act of war. However, he surmised that "anything's for sale," and access to the virus could fall into the hands of sinister forces who wish to topple our electrical infrastructure.

On how to guard against this potential turn of events, Hagberg called for tighter regulation on financial derivatives in order to reduce the monetary interests in propagating oil dependence. Beyond that, he also stressed that the United States needs to start stockpiling or manufacturing the massive transformers that are used at power plants, since they are currently only available via overseas companies and there's a three year waiting list to get them. Ultimately, Hagberg expressed hope that alternative forms of energy will emerge that can counteract this plan, but warned that such development must be done in secret, lest the conspirators find out and set their plan into motion.

Sacred Sites

In the first hour, author and crop circle expert Freddy Silva talked about sacred sites as well as evidence which shows that these places of power are built at magnetically sensitive locations that are capable of altering states of consciousness. He noted that numerous scientific studies have shown that these sacred sites, such as the stone circles of Britain and the Egyptian pyramids, are "drawing from the local magnetic field and corralling this magnetic energy into their space." This raised magnetic energy, he said, creates profound physiological effects on anyone who enters a sacred site. Silva observed that the building of sacred sites also seemed to precede a period of disaster and connected this concept to the contemporary emergence of crop circles, which has similar magnetic effects on those who visit them.



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