Mayan Connections & Open Lines

Mayan Connections & Open Lines


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsWilliam Warwick, Open Lines

George Noory welcomed researcher William Warwick (Facebook | YouTube) for a interweaving discussion on the Mayans, the Phoenix Lights, and the Third Secret of Fatima. He first commented on a recent story about a mural found in an ancient Maya house that shows calculations tracking vast amounts of time. Experts think the curious painting may help amplify our understanding of the Mayan calendar though, according to Warwick, it is too soon to know what it all means. Their calendar actually contains knowledge received from Pleiadian beings with whom the Maya interacted, Warwick revealed. The beauty and true meaning of the Mayan calendar is that human civilization occurs in cycles, he added. Warwick said this message was reiterated to him during a visit to Guatemala, where a Mayan elder called Wandering Wolf told him a time was coming when arctic conditions would once again temporarily freeze the planet.

This chilly 5,200-year cycle is caused by an alignment of Earth with the sun and a supermassive black hole, Warwick continued, pointing out that this information was also revealed in 1917 at Fatima, Portugal. The real story of Fatima was quashed by the Free Masons and Roman Catholic Church, he said. The 'apparition' that appeared to the three children on the 13th day of six consecutive months was an alien entity, not the Virgin Mary, Warwick explained. The third secret she revealed to them had to do with planetary freezing, he noted. Warwick made a correlation between the dates of the Fatima appearances and the Phoenix Lights incident, which occurred on the 13th day of the month as well. He also spoke about a photographic analysis performed by Jim Dilettoso that showed a connection between the Phoenix Lights and the lights seen in Fatima photos.


During Open Lines, Connie in Homestead, Florida, told George about the time she watched a bald man in a baseball cap morph in front of her eyes. Connie said she knew the man and was walking with him one day when he suddenly stopped and declared, "I guess I can't hide who I am forever." At that he removed his hat to reveal an elongated head, Connie recalled. Later that day, while sitting in a truck together, his eyes turned dark brown and almond-shaped, she said, noting that she was not afraid at the transformation. Karen, a director of emergency management and survival instructor from Colorado, warned about "something evil coming our way." Karen said she just cannot shake the feeling of an impending disaster. She implored listeners to stock up on more than the typical three days worth of food and take preparedness more seriously. Jeff in Hutchinson, Kansas, announced that the Underground Salt Museum in his city is holding an interactive mystery dinner theatre called "Mayan Madness in the Mine" on December 21, 2012.

News segment guests: Mitch Battros / Joyce Riley

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