The Angel Effect

The Angel Effect


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJohn Geiger, Marshall Klarfeld

Author John Geiger discussed the "angel effect," experiences that occur to people during times of extreme stress when they feel an often unseen presence that guides and calms them. He previously explored such experiences among explorers and mountain climbers, who were saved by a benevolent presence during perilous circumstances. Before their rescue, the polar explorer Ernest Shackleton and two of his associates all described sensing a presence, which Shackleton referred to as a "divine companion." Yet, Geiger discovered that the "angel effect" was actually quite common among ordinary people.

In one case, a man named Joe was driving on an isolated stretch of highway to Alaska, and became engulfed in a dire "whiteout" type of storm. A presence appeared and gave him specific driving instructions, "literally guiding him through this horrific multi-hour storm," Geiger detailed. In another incident, a man named David was caught in a terrible fire in a high rise, and though he felt there was no way out, he began to sense a presence that led him to a window balcony, and his eventual exit.

There are a number of psychological theories, such as the angelic presence is the product of absence of social contact during stressful situations, in which we create a companion, like children's imaginary friends. Another explanation for the phenomenon is H.A.D.D.-- the hyperactive agent detection device, a part of the brain that evolved as a survival mechanism to external threats, Geiger reported. He also spoke of European neurology studies in which an electrical stimulus to a specific part of the brain created the sense of an outside presence. Yet, this presence often had a more menacing quality than the benevolence and comfort that people experience during the "angel effect." During the latter half of the show, callers joined Geiger to relate their intriguing angelic interventions.

UFO Navy Attack in 1947

First hour guest, mechanical engineer Marshall Klarfeld talked about an alleged UFO attack on the US Navy during an expedition to Antarctica in 1947. The information comes from a 2006 Russian documentary that was recently translated into English. The Navy operation, known as Task Force 68, was said to be headed by Admiral Richard Byrd, and was secretly assigned to destroy a hidden Nazi base, but on their way, they were attacked by a mysterious UFO force that came out of the water and damaged their contingent, Klarfeld recounted. Rather than the Nazis, he speculated that it could have been the Anunnaki (who had advanced technology) that was behind the attacks. More here.



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