Financial Implosion/ Illuminati & Privacy

Financial Implosion/ Illuminati & Privacy


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsPeter Schiff, Mark Dice

In the first half, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and podcast host Peter Schiff commented on the current gyrations happening with the government, as well as the real financial position of the United States, and why he thinks we're headed for an implosion, and how we can prepare. Though we're seeing a high in the stock market, it has little to do with the economy, he asserted. In fact, one of the reasons the stock market is doing well is that the government is printing a lot of money, "but all the money-printing is what is undermining economic growth," he explained.

All the jobs that have been created during the "Obama recovery" are part-time jobs based on full-time jobs that were destroyed, and further, many of the new part-time workers are people 55+ who are forced to take work because they can't afford to retire because of the rising cost of living, he continued. What the Fed has created is a "bubble masquerading as a recovery,"-- they simply reflated the stock market, housing, and bond market bubbles, and when they pop, it's going to lead to a far greater financial crisis than what we had in 2008, Schiff warned. He also suggested that the economy is rigged against saving cash, and people are better off investing in hard assets.


In the latter half, troublemaker out to expose the abuses of the New World Order, Mark Dice, discussed the machinations of the Illuminati, and the various ways that technology is violating not only our privacy but our civil rights. "It's astounding-- we are living in an Orwellian nightmare, really beyond what George Orwell outlined in his now infamous dystopian book," he said, citing how computer webcams and even baby monitors can be hacked into, remotely activated, and used to spy on or blackmail people.

He described the Illuminati as a kind of Mafia-- an intersection of various powerful secret societies and ruling classes that go back as far as the Egyptian pharaohs, to the Bavarian Illuminati formed in the 18th century, to today's groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Bilderbergers. To cover their tracks, they've invaded pop culture, and celebrities are pretending to be in the Illuminati, he reported. The Illuminati want to live as gods and kings at the expense of everyone else; they have a transhumanist agenda to unlock the secrets of aging, and eventually merge with technology, he contended.

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