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ET Encounters & UFO Disclosure

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Historian and UFO researcher Richard Dolan discussed bizarre ET encounters, the forces which may prevent disclosure, and challenges facing ufology in the modern age. He suggested that the fight for UFO disclosure is merely one facet in a much larger clash between 'power brokers' who wish to install a global government that would control information available to the populace and the people who are fighting such an agenda. "I see our civilization in a kind of race," Dolan mused, "can the people make a significant breakthrough to end this kind of creeping totalitarianism or will that system get fully into place and prevent that?" Whether the truth about UFOs is ever revealed to the public, he surmised, may ultimately hinge on the outcome of this overarching battle.

Dolan also shared a number of ET encounter tales that people have revealed to him over the course of his twenty years studying the UFO phenomenon. A recurring theme in these stories, he said, are highly attractive, telepathic blonde entities which resemble humans. One story involved a young girl attending church in her small hometown and noticing two strangers, who fit this description, sitting in front of her. The witness 'heard' one of them boast about how well they were blending into the scene which led the other to respond, "yes, except for the girl behind us, who can hear us." When the girl tried to follow them out of the church after the service had ended, she spotted the couple walk into a clearing toward a wooded area and seemingly meet a third entity who was dressed all in black and scared the girl so much that she ended the pursuit.

Regarding the difficulties in deciphering the UFO enigma in contemporary times, Dolan observed that the emergence of highly sophisticated drone technology makes it incredibly hard to determine if an unknown craft is of alien origin or just the latest UAV which has not been revealed to the public. To that end, he cited the ongoing flap surrounding mysterious drones flying over nuclear facilities in France and how the French military cannot seem to put a stop to their unauthorized intrusions, whether they be Earthly vehicles or interstellar visitors. Additionally, Dolan reflected on what appears to be a lack of young people undertaking UFO research and argued that ufology cannot be dead because the phenomenon continues to exist and mystify people to this day. That said, he expressed a desire for "younger, smart people to get in the game and start making some contributions."


In the first hour, researcher Robert Felix reacted to the 'snowpocalypse' hitting parts of the United States. He noted that, on Tuesday, more than 50% of the continental United States was covered in snow and, in parts of all 50 states, freezing temperatures were reported. "It's generally what I've been warning about," he cautioned, "we're just going to be seeing bigger and bigger snowstorms." As an ice age begins to take hold, Felix explained, the snow in some areas will accumulate to such a degree that it will simply be too much to melt away in the Summer. However, he stressed that the popular notion of an ice age blanketing the entire planet with frozen conditions is a misconception, since certain regions will likely remain unscathed.

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