Alien Implants & Secret Technology

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Alien Implants & Secret Technology

About the show

Filmmaker and artist Jeremy Corbell discussed his research and work with the late Dr. Roger Leir, who removed dozens of alien implants from people. In Corbell's new film, Patient Seventeen, he explores the truth behind implants, and interviewed the man whom Leir conducted his last surgery upon. Corbell found 'Patient Seventeen' to be a sincere and honest man who was not looking for the limelight. He described alien abduction experiences that could be connected to the small metallic implant that showed up on X-rays of his leg.

Corbell filmed the implant removal surgery and said the object seemed to be elusive, and was emitting some kind of electromagnetic frequency. It looked like a hard black cylinder, just a little bigger than a grain of rice, and electron microscope lab tests revealed some unusual properties. The object was a complex alloy containing some 36 elements, including some rare earth ones, and according to Corbell's sources it was a manufactured object built to be especially strong. Additionally, the sample had an isotopic zinc ratio that was 2.5% outside of the normal terrestrial ratio for Zinc 64, he revealed.

One of Corbell's sources was a person he referred to as Nano Man, a nanotechnology expert who does projects for the military, and has developed a 'hyperspace' propulsion system. Nano Man gave him a substance nicknamed 'utility fog' that he suggested came from an off-world or alien source, because it would not be possible to make on Earth. Corbell also talked about the extensive footage he's shot with John Lear for an upcoming documentary, as well as his interview with 'Anonymous,' an ex-CIA operative who claims, through his military and intelligence career, to have been exposed to realities and technologies of an extraterrestrial nature.

Remembering Janis Joplin

First hour guest, John Byrne Cooke, was a filmmaker and road manager for Janis Joplin, and shared details of the first female rock and roll superstar's life and work. Cooke worked as part of D.A. Pennebaker's film crew at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967, and Joplin's performance with Big Brother & the Holding Company really put them on the musical map, he shared. While working as the road manager for Joplin in 1969, when she was touring as a solo act with a back-up band, she went through hard times, and increased her usage of alcohol and drugs, Cooke reported. Joplin seemed to be on the upswing in 1970, exploring new dimensions in her vocals, and forming a new touring band, so it was all the more tragic when she overdosed on heroin and alcohol, Cooke said, adding that he was the one who discovered her body in a Los Angeles hotel room.

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