Banking Swindle/ Exorcisms and Demonology

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Banking Swindle/ Exorcisms and Demonology

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In the first half, Ellen Brown talked about a possible looming financial crisis and the problem of debt. Brown says that debt is one of the main methods used to keep us in servitude. She explained the problem of "derivatives" and how they are basically "bets" for or against financial risks and how banks and other institutions play both sides of this coin for their own gain. Money is made even when borrowers go into default because the "bet" covers failure as well. Brown says that much of the housing crash of 2008 was created and caused by the mortgage derivatives market.

Along with a banking system that is built on boom and bust cycles (so that banks can foreclose on defaulted loans) Brown says that this system needs to change because it will almost certainly lead to another financial crisis. Another worrisome trend is the spreading problem of "buy-ins," in which a bank confiscates depositors' assets in order to stay afloat, rather than looking to the state for assistance. This has already happened in Europe, where an Italian man who lost his life savings committed suicide. She says that part of the answer may lie in publicly owned banks, which would be state-owned and operated. She concluded that "we really need is a system overhaul. We need to change our banking system and we can’t rely on Congress to do it."


Adam Blai was the guest in the second half, and he described his expertise in the study of demonic possession and the practice of exorcisms. Blai has a master's degree in psychology and has been decreed an expert in religious demonology by the Roman Catholic Church. Blai is not ordained, but teaches exorcism techniques to priests. He says that he "seems to be good at coaching priests through their first few years." The "religious demonologist" title distinguishes him from someone with no proper training on a religious basis. This is essential he says, in order to conduct a proper study of why someone may be possessed, and how to go about ridding them of the affliction, or if they are simply suffering from a psychological disorder.

He stated that unconfessed sinners may be more susceptible to possession than others, and that demons are fallen angels. People cannot become demons when they die because they do not have the pure knowledge of good and evil that a demon had when it made its original choice to leave Heaven, Blai says. A demon will do many things to distract and startle a priest who is performing an exorcism, and the officiant must remain calm. Blai has seen faces contort until the possessed person is unrecognizable and bones that dislocate, only to return to normal afterwards. He also addressed those who dabble in the occult with such games as "Charlie Charlie" (currently popular among kids) and Ouija boards. He believes that such activities involve minor risk, but may act as a gateway to more serious problems by giving spirits permission to interact with the living. Essentially, he says, "you are picking up the phone and dialing a random number and giving whoever picks up your address and your social security number."

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi, Howard Bloom

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