Prayer & Finances/ Evolution vs. Creation

Prayer & Finances/ Evolution vs. Creation


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJames Paris, Dr. Bo Kirkwood

In the first half, author and the editor-in-chief of, James Paris, shared his story about his personal financial downfall and how he was able to recover and change his fate. A multimillionaire by the age of thirty, he was bankrupted after his own brother (his accountant) embezzled millions of dollars out of his company. In his subsequent desolation, Paris considered committing suicide, but he decided to pray to God, and this was instrumental in turning his life around.

He admitted that it's a real challenge for people to get into a contemplative state of mind where they can hear what God has to say. Paris recommended sitting in a natural setting quietly for a couple hours with a yellow pad ready to take down ideas that come. He follows an 11-step process in praying for a financial miracle, including starting off with being grateful with what you already have, and asking God to reveal to you what you might have done to contribute to your current financial problems, so you don't repeat this pattern. There are a lot of job opportunities via the internet as well as retraining oneself for new skills, he added.


After learning the theory of Evolution in school, Family Practice physician Dr. Bo Kirkwood became fascinated with the Evolution vs. Creation debate. In the latter half, he critiqued the work of Charles Darwin, pointing out that the transitional fossil forms that predicated his theory have never really been found, in the 150 years since he wrote The Origin of Species, and posited the idea of natural selection. If it takes millions of years for evolution to occur, then there should be ample evidence in the fossil record, such as a fish evolving into a mammal-- but we don't find this, he noted.

Another argument he cited is how remarkable the DNA molecule is, and how unlikely it is that it just developed by chance. Regarding the Cambrian layer-- there are 23 distinct animal phyla found there, but there are no predecessors found that mutated into these creatures, he continued. "I think we've been deluded into thinking that Evolution is science, and that it is fact," when it's really more of a philosophy, he commented. Kirkwood believes in intelligent design, and that we were created by God, who transcends time and our finite grasp.

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