Time Slips/ Home Demons

Time Slips/ Home Demons


HostDave Schrader

GuestsJeff Belanger, Michele Zirkle Marcum

In the first half, Jeff Belanger, author, adventurer, and paranormal researcher joined Dave Schrader (email) to discuss the fascinating and mysterious possibility of time travel and time slips. He began by describing the history of timekeeping and how it most likely began about 12,000 years ago with farming. In agriculture, he said, you "had to get the seasons right" and knowing what time of year it was, was a great advantage. From then on, methods of keeping time kept getting more sophisticated. Belanger described the site in Massachusetts known as "America’s Stonehenge" and how it appears not only to have been an area of blood sacrifice, but possibly built over 4000 years ago by Europeans.

Belanger emphasized the importance that the standardization of time has had on our world. Until 1959, we used the sun and stars as our measure of time. In that year, the atomic clock was adopted as the standard and is now used as the reference for everything from GPS satellites to the apps in your phone. Belanger thinks that the key to traveling in time is human consciousness. He described an experiment that indicated we can anticipate some events up to three seconds before they happen and stated that this suggests consciousness "makes a journey that is moving faster than light." Regarding the past and our ability to change it, Belanger referred to the theory that any change in the past would be instantly edited out of our memories when it occurred.


In the latter half, Michele Zirkle Marcum talked about her debut novel which is based on her own true story about demons that invaded her life and home. Marcum said her earliest memory of anything paranormal was at age seven, when she witnessed an exorcism of a woman in her Pentecostal church. When the strange events in her life began, she was a teacher in Point Pleasant, West Virginia (home of the famous Mothman) and her husband was a police officer. Their marriage was falling apart, with infidelity and drinking on both sides of the relationship, which she said was like "a slow ride into an abyss." They had been in their home for eight years when strange manifestations began to occur.

The marriage became so bad that Marcum prayed for a sign that she could recognize. She did this in the shower and three days later, water began mysteriously spraying out of walls in her home. Utility workers came out to measure the moisture in the walls and found nothing. Her children started seeing things like disembodied eyes and patterns moving on walls. Marcum called a Catholic priest to bless the home, but two visits didn’t change the situation. She astrally projected out of her body one night and saw a demon’s face overlaid on her own in a mirror. She described it as "more real than me sitting here right now." The third attempt at an exorcism was successful and Marcum's life began to improve. View related video.



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