Maverick Medicine/ Cannibalism

Maverick Medicine/ Cannibalism


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Kenneth Stoller, Bill Schutt

Kenneth Stoller, MD, was a practicing board certified-pediatrician for over two decades, focusing on brain-injured children and adults using hyperbaric oxygen treatment. In the first half, he discussed his maverick approach to health and medicine. He contends that our health is deteriorating because profit and greed determine what therapies and technologies are available to the public, and what gets pushed by Big Pharma. While he maintains that virus scares such as Zika and Swine Flu are promoted by the CDC in order to get funding, they're actually not real threats to the public, whereas Lyme Disease is genuinely a global pandemic, but gets treated as if it were a mere nuisance.

Stoller believes that about 20% of the US population has been infected with the Lyme Disease bacteria, and are susceptible to a wide range of complications. Lyme is difficult diagnose and treat, and doesn't fit the vaccine model, he noted, adding that "there's confirmed evidence that this is a sexually transmitted as well." He also cited problems in American drinking water, such as in Flint, and the harmful adding of fluoride in most municipalities. Further, he was critical of America's medical vaccines, which are "contaminated with retroviruses," and overused with infants, who are vaccinated for things like Hepatitis B, a sexually transmitted disease they won't even encounter for years.


Vertebrate zoologist and author Bill Schutt is an expert in bloodthirsty creatures of the animal kingdom from lice, ticks, and bedbugs to vampire bats and even humans. In the latter half, he demystified the phenomenon of cannibalism in nature, as well as among humans, such as the Donner Party. When animals turn to cannibalism, it isn't always related to being out of food, or stressful situations, he reported. For instance, fish might eat their own eggs and just think of it as nutrition, and lions that take over a pride, will kill and eat the cubs of the females (an example of cannibalism as a reproductive strategy).

Until the modern era, human cannibalism was widespread in many societies as a form of ritual and alternative to burial, he detailed, while surprisingly "medicinal cannibalism" was popular in Europe beginning in the Middle Ages. Just about every body part was used, including organs, and ground up bones to treat various ailments. "People would line up at executions with cups to gather blood to treat epilepsy...and consumption," he added. In cases like the Donner Party and the stranded rugby team in the Andes, the end phase of extreme starvation is you're either going to eat the dead, or starve to death, he explained.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Catherine Austin Fitts

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