Extreme Climate, Volcanoes, and Reptilian Sighting

Extreme Climate, Volcanoes, and Reptilian Sighting


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsLinda Moulton Howe, Pat Boone

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed the increase in extreme climates, the discovery of the largest volcanic region on Earth, and strange entity sightings at Fort Baker in the early '70s. Reeling from the recent storms of Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as heavy monsoons in India, "it's a less benign climate," Kevin Trenberth, atmospheric physicist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, told Linda in the first segment. "It's a climate now where we'll have more extremes and everywhere will get caught up sooner or later in these extreme events." Sea levels are steadily rising, he continued, leading him to wonder if it makes sense to rebuild in devastated coastal areas that will continue to be inundated. More here.

Beneath a mile of ice in Antarctica, glacier experts using radar have discovered the largest volcanic region on Earth-- some 138 volcanoes reaching heights of nearly 13,000 feet. Robert Bingham of the University of Edinburgh spoke about the amazing discovery, suggesting that as the ice continues to melt, we could see increased volcanism, and more sea level rise. Antarctica and Africa were once part of a larger continent called Gondwana, he noted, and volcanic activity tends to be higher in places where the land mass has separated. Further info.

In back-to-back segments Linda interviewed "David," now 72, who served as a US Army Specialist at the Presidio, San Francisco, and Fort Baker in Marin County, California in the 1960s and 70s. From 1970 to 1971, he was assigned to an armed forces police unit to patrol Fort Baker, which housed the Nike Hercules missile site, and had underground tunnels beneath it. He and a police partner both saw a 9-foot-tall creature that came out of the water of the San Francisco Bay "looking like the Creature from the Black Lagoon." The Reptilian-appearing creature, he said, ran into a sheer cliff wall and disappeared as though it de-materialized. Three months later, the same two men were eyewitnesses of unidentified aerial lights over the restricted military base, followed immediately by the sudden appearance at the top of a cliff of two men, a woman and a car that "popped in." More info in Part 1, and Part 2.

Pat Boone Update

In the first hour, legendary recording artist and movie star Pat Boone discussed his life, career, and upcoming pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Celebrating Israel's 70th anniversary, Boone will sing in concerts in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (at 83, he may be retiring after these performances), as well as host a touring group that will travel to various historic sites. He reminisced about some of his career choices , such as how turning down a somewhat carnal role opposite Marilyn Monroe, led to his being cast in the 1959 sci-fi movie Journey to the Center of the Earth, which became a huge hit.

News segment guests: John Curtis, Peter Davenport

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