Tesla Mysteries/ A Psychic's Tale

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Tesla Mysteries/ A Psychic's Tale

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Nikola Tesla is the genius credited for creating much of modern electrical technology. In the first half, investigator and author Tim Swartz, joined Richard Syrett to discuss his research into Tesla's lost papers–some of which were confiscated by the US government after his death in 1942. Swartz detailed the history of Tesla’s last years and revealed that not only was he not as penniless as people think, he was apparently working for the US government, and the FBI maintained a presence in the New Yorker Hotel, which was Tesla’s final residence. Swartz said that while Tesla "was fiercely proud that he was a citizen of the United States," he still maintained ties with his homeland of Yugoslavia, and planned to assist them with a network of death beam devices to defend against the Germans during WWII.

Swartz delved into the story of Donald Trump’s paternal uncle, John Trump, who was a brilliant electrical engineer at MIT and who was asked to look through Tesla’s papers after the great inventor’s death. He believes that there is compelling evidence that Trump, while informing the US government that there was nothing useful in the thousands of pages he supposedly looked at in just two days, he may have used some of the ideas to improve his own work. Swartz also described Tesla’s research with electromagnetic propulsion and possible anti-gravity effects, and how this might have contributed to aircraft that people mistook for UFOs after WWII. Tesla also claimed that he heard signals from an alien race on his receiver, which was one of the only ones in the world at the time. In summary, Swartz said that Nikola Tesla’s ultimate goal was how to "use science to improve our way of life."


Michael Bodine was young when he discovered his psychic abilities. In the second half, he shared hair-raising and hilarious moments in his haunted life, including true stories of a dangerous ghost friend with a hidden agenda, ghost hunting misadventures, and his successful battle against chemical dependency as he learned to accept his unusual gift. Bodine says his childhood was filled with psychic and paranormal phenomena, and his mother and siblings eventually began to study and accept what was happening to them, with such occurrences as objects flying across rooms and being touched by unseen hands. He says his mother felt empowered by their experiences. She joined secretive psychic groups and actually took Bodine to visit a community of vampires when he was 10 years old. He remembered that they "had transparent skin" and "when they looked at you it was like they looked right through you."

When he was "10 or 11," Bodine claims an entity named "Jerry" began to both torment him but also protect him from bullies. He says the stress drove him to start abusing drugs at that age. Jerry apparently didn’t approve when Bodine went into rehab at age 14, and it took a massive effort to rid himself of the attachment. When he was a young teenager, his mother also took him to a haunted house in order to clear out spirits, which was a terrifying experience and actually made him more afraid of ghosts. He said most hauntings can be cleared by discovering "why the spirit is there." During call-ins, Ruth from New York State asked about her grandson, who she said appeared to have psychic abilities and asked Bodine if she should encourage him. Not surprisingly, he replied that she should "make things as normal as you can." If the abilities are going to develop, Bodine sees a better outcome if things are allowed to develop naturally.

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