Knights Templar in North America/ Remote Viewing Experiment

Knights Templar in North America/ Remote Viewing Experiment


HostRichard Syrett

GuestsDavid S. Brody, Douglas James Cottrell

During the first half of the program, David Brody, researcher of the history of America before Columbus, joined guest host Richard Syrett to discuss the Knights Templar in North America (related images). "The Church and the Templars, sort of, butted heads and the Church outlawed them," Brody said. The Templars possessed knowledge the Church deemed a threat, including heretical teachings about a feminine godhead, he explained, noting when the Templars were outlawed in 1307 their treasury was raided and found to be empty.

According to Brody, Templars gathered in Scotland then traveled to Nova Scotia later in the 13th century. Historical records link the Knights Templar to Oak Island in Nova Scotia, where many believe they left treasure, he noted. Some journals even document a journey by Templars in 1179 across the Atlantic to hide their wealth and ancient relics, Brody revealed. He outlined a connection between Templars and Free Masons, and how their shared principles formed the foundation of America. Templar treasure may have funded the American Revolution, Brody suggested.


In the second half of the show, trance clairvoyant and remote viewer Douglas James Cottrell talked about the Akashic Field and remote viewing. Cottrell described the Akashic Field as a mental plane where information is stored and can be accessed by entering a quantum meditative state. He pointed out remote viewing, and other so-called extrasensory perceptions, are not mysterious nor something one must be highly trained in order to do. "Telepathy and clairvoyance, remote viewing are... abilities that we have like our five physical senses," Cottrell noted.

He presented a live on-air remote viewing experiment in which Richard and listeners were invited to remote view a mystery object located on Cottrell's desk (related images). He urged participants to get past intellect and let go of doubt. The object, a small red ambulance vehicle, was the target and Richard was able to pick up on certain aspects, including color and shape. Interestingly, several listeners remote viewed a Rubik’s Cube, which was going to be the target of the experiment but a photo of it had inadvertently been sent to Richard before the interview.



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