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Dan Baldwin

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Dan Baldwin is a professional writer, often a "ghost writer" for other professionals. He has written and co-written or ghosted more than fifty books and has won numerous local, regional and national awards. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, plays the Native American flute and is an expert pendulum dowser having used the pendulum to assist in finding missing persons for over 15 years.



Past shows:

Pendulums & Spirit Communication / Open Lines

Dan Baldwin discussed pendulum dowsing and how it can be used to contact the dearly departed. Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. More »

Self-Defense/ Psychic Dowsing

Bradley Steiner discussed self-defense techniques and strategies. Followed by Dan Baldwin who uses the pendulum as a psychic detective. More »

Remote Viewing Targets/ Spirits of the Old Southwest

Ed Dames shared updates on the Killshot and the East Area Rapist case. Followed by Dan Baldwin and Rhonda & Dwight Hull on spirit contacts. More »

Last Night

Astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack shared five universe-ending possibilities. Followed by Sidney Kirkpatrick on readings made by the American prophet Edgar Cayce.

More »


Full Schedule »


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