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2019 Predictions & Insights

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A New Year's night tradition on Coast to Coast AM, George Noory checked in with psychics, seers, and astrologers about their visions for what's in store for the year ahead. In separate hours, we heard from four different guests. Psychic Joseph Jacobs kicked off the program remarking that the United States is going through a particularly stressful period between January 29th and March 22nd. "I also see the stock market going through a really difficult time right through January 2020," he said, with more downswings than up ones. Additionally, he foresees:

  • Cyberwarfare involving North Korea (June through August), and Iran (February and March).
  • A rough time for Israel after May 14th, such as legal battles.
  • A serious event (such as a railway crash) in Canada between March 19th and May 10th.
  • If there's a quake in California, it's most likely to occur between now and the middle of February.
  • Nikki Haley and John Kasich could be strong political contenders this year.


Astrologer Linda Schurman featured in the second hour, also predicted economic upheaval in the new year and going into 2020. From mid-February through mid-April, with Mercury transiting Pisces, she sees the most extreme fluctuations on Wall Street. Climate change and environmental calamities will continue to be major issues in 2019, she suggested, pointing toward Japan and California as possible earthquake sites in early February. In the fall, she's concerned about a possible unexpected virus causing illness, but she's bullish on a new clean energy option-- hydrogen-boron nuclear fusion-- though she doesn't see it going into use until 2026.

Our third guest, astrology consultant William Stickevers said that 2019 could be the year for new UFO/ET disclosures, and these announcements will be approved by President Trump. With the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, he believes that economic stress will intensify through now and 2021. Looking at Trump's astrology chart, Stickevers sees the President in a position of strength and that rather than collusion charges being made against him, instead they'll be filed against the Obama administration, the Clinton Foundation, the Dept. of Justice and the FBI. He also foresees a rivalry escalating between the US, China, and Russia over cyberspace and the increased militarization of outer space.

Mystic and psychic Elizabeth Joyce rounded out our special, warning of intense rains flooding cities such as St. Louis, and coastal locations including New Orleans. A crippling winter storm will blanket much of the United States, she added. Joyce also foresees an enormous quake, 9 or 10 on the Richter scale, affecting a wide swath including Alaska, Canada, Oregon, and Northern California (possibly caused by underwater bombing by North Korea). President Trump will resign as early as March due to an announced illness, she predicted, with Pence taking over for the remainder of his term. Democrat Joe Biden, she continued, will win the 2020 election but serve just one term. Another winner, she said, will be the Los Angeles Rams, taking home the Super Bowl title in February.

News segment guests: Gary Ridenour, Robert Zimmerman

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