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Founder and Director of The Trends Research Institute, Gerald Celente spoke about changing balances of power, political and economic futures, and conflicts around the globe. At the beginning of the program, he predicted that interest rates will go down in reaction to a "global slowdown," and that "Trump is going to announce we have a peace plan with the North Koreans and the Afghan War will end" before the election in 2020. Celente also predicted "no conflict with Iran on a major level," mainly because he sees their weaponry as sophisticated enough to take on the American military.

He also commented on the recent opening Democratic debates and his early prediction that the race will come down to former Vice President Joe Biden (who he described as "not the sharpest pin in the stack") and Kamala Harris, the Senator from California. He sees impeachment of the President as "a waste of time" and also predicted that Trump would win in the next presidential election. The guest also warned that by 2050, there will be 10 billion people on the planet and that "the human wave of people going into other countries will be bigger than we’ve ever seen before" as immigrants leave their home countries (especially in Africa) because of food shortages.


Ghost hunter John Kachuba has investigated hundreds of haunted locations throughout the world. Kachuba discussed his most recent work researching the myths, magic, and meaning surrounding shapeshifters. He started with a definition of the shapeshifter as "a person who has the ability to actually transform themselves into something else, generally an animal, [though] it could be another person, or an inanimate object." Kachuba doubts that humans actually turn into another form, but he cited a rich worldwide tradition of those who say that they can transform themselves. The idea of turning into something else may be in large part be due to a sense of freedom which he pointed out is "appealing to some people."

One of the most famous examples of people who claim to be able to change into an animal is the tradition of the werewolf, which Kachuba says was most notorious in France in the 16th century where cases of brutal murders were documented with startling frequency. Kachuba also mentioned the Navajo tradition of the "skinwalker," in which supposedly evil shamans are bent on revenge or simply dishing out evil deeds. In South America, the tradition of the shapeshifter seems to be connected with birds like owls, and even a "head with wings," into which it is said that some people can transform themselves. The subject of Reptilian shapeshifters was discussed, with Kachuba examining the ideas of frequent Coast guest David Icke, and his belief that these entities are "intent on taking over the world."

News segment guests:Dr. John Curtis, ‪Steve Kates.

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