China's Secret Space Program / Psychokinesis & Alien Healing

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China's Secret Space Program / Psychokinesis & Alien Healing

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In the first half, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, Michael Salla, discussed the secret space program developed by China, and their understanding that the next major war between superpowers will be fought in the "strategic high ground" of space. He argued that we can trace their program back to a Chinese scientist's participation in the USAF's studies of captured Nazi and extraterrestrial flying saucers. That scientist was Dr. Tsien Hsue-shen (who could be considered China's Wernher von Braun) and is widely acknowledged as the father of China's rocket-based space program. China leaped forward from an agrarian society with the help of Dr. Tsien, who was trained at the Jet Propulsion Lab at Cal Tech. "Dr. Tsien's brilliance was such," he said, that he was fast-tracked into the most secretive US Army and Air Force programs at the time.

Later, after being targeted by the FBI, Tsien was traded in a prisoner exchange by President Eisenhower and forced to return to China. Salla spoke about alien/UFO encounters dating back to the 17th century in Tibet, which he said continue to the present day at a spaceport there. The famous contactee, George Adamski, spent time in Tibet, before he began to speak out about the "space brothers," he detailed. Salla also reported that Soviet Russia and China were observing many UFOs in the late 1960s in the western Mongolia region, and staged an attack on a base there, allegedly established by an Inner-Earth civilization, known by legend as Shambala, underneath the Gobi desert. The facilities were plundered, and "I think this is where some of the hardware for its own secret space program," he disclosed.


In the latter half, psychic detective, spiritual medium, and author Nancy du Tertre, shared an intriguing personal account involving psychokinesis (PK) and a miraculous healing gift from an "alien being." PK is said to involve moving physical objects by mental ability alone, but du Tertre thinks of it more like the concept of alchemy, causing molecular structures to mutate into something different. To gain further skills in PK, she and a friend went to Russia in August 2019 for a two-week training. The instruction involved a lot of physical exercise akin to yoga and chi gong, but there wasn't much emphasis on psychic development.

What was far worse though, du Tertre said, was that the Russian program had a cult-like atmosphere and used mind control to create mental instability. During the program, the two were interrogated and searched, and du Tertre started experiencing back pain that became severe after a few days and worsened to the point where she was in constant pain upon her return to the US. But on the night of February 19, 2020, she had a strange dream in which an alien-like being with a bluish hue arrived at her door and left her a package, telling her she was going to need it. The being transformed into a cluster of orbs before the dream ended. After consulting a psychic, du Tertre determined that the package contained bismuth. She ended up purchasing five pounds of the crystalline metal and placing it in her bedroom. The next day, her back pain was gone entirely. The timing of the healing was essential, she added, because soon after, she had to go out and gather supplies for the coronavirus quarantine, and would not have been able to lift anything with her previous level of pain.

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