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Numerology in 2020 / UFO Revelations & Predictions

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Date Host George Noory
Guests Glynis McCants, Timothy Green Beckley

In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants discussed how she predicted 2020 would be a year in which our rose-colored glasses would be removed, and we'd have some lessons to learn. The people that are shining during the current crisis, such as Bill Gates and Andrew Cuomo are both "4" lifepaths, she noted, which matches the year (2020 equals a "4"). April has certainly been a tough month, and she foresees further difficulty in May, a "5" month, which clashes with the "4" year. However, in June 2020, a "6" month, she expects some type of breakthrough and reprieve. Though we are going through a crisis, one of the crucial aspects of this year is that we're learning valuable things that can protect us in the future, she remarked.

McCants shared ways to constructively lower stress and cultivate opportunities and prosperity going forward. While sheltering at home, many have increased stress because of spending so much time with their family members. Couples need to give each other space, and though being in the "4" month of April encourages us to be confrontational and honest, she suggests writing down issues with your spouse and sending them in an email as a calmer way to communicate at certain times. One can practice affirmations for their health, such as "I release all negative thoughts and embrace the vibrant health that's within me now." You can view videos of more of her affirmations on her Facebook page, and also contact Glynis at her toll-free number, 1-877-686-2373.


In the latter half, longtime paranormal researcher Timothy Green Beckley talked about the history of the UFO channeling movement and the predictions of many contactees and seers, some of whom made forecasts that are consistent with today's headlines. "I've always been interested in...people who claim to have contact with beings from other dimensions and other planets," he said. These kinds of communications date back to ancient history, including the Oracle at Delphi, where priestesses issued prophecies while under the spell of vapors. More recently, the book Oahspe, first published in 1882, was channeled by a dentist, who was said to receive messages through twelve different spirit guides, and A Dweller on Two Planets, by Frederick Spencer Oliver (published in 1905) was a channeled work about Atlantean culture.

The contactee George Van Tassel, while sleeping in the desert, encountered a craft and a being named Solganda, a Venusian space traveler, who could keep in touch with him telepathically, Beckley recounted. Another contactee, Michael X., put out a series of booklets with messages from "space brothers" that had to do with health, healing, and ancient techniques. The minister Frank Stranges claimed to be in contact with another Venusian, Valiant Thor, and shared a prediction to Beckley: "Millions will vanish from the face of the Earth, children will be reported missing...transportation will be a major problem and from that point on, a series of presidential orders will be issued...placing every living person in the US under complete dictatorship." Like some other contactees, Diane Tessman, predicted drastic earth changes based on alien communiqu├ęs, he added.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock



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