Brazilian UFO Sighting / Psychedelic Science

Brazilian UFO Sighting / Psychedelic Science


HostJimmy Church

GuestsRich Haridy, Jonny Enoch

Brazilians in the municipality of Magé reported seeing mysterious illuminated objects in the sky on May 13, 2020. Several videos of the objects exploded on Reddit and Twitter, sparking incredible speculation about a crashed UFO. During the first half of the program, esoteric researcher Jonny Enoch joined Jimmy Church (Twitter) to discuss the validity of this case and what eyewitnesses reported. "We know something happened [in Magé]," Enoch said, noting there are numerous eyewitness accounts, as well as evidence of a crashed object and an official military response to it.

"Something big took place," he continued. Enoch suggested the increased UFO activity in Brazil may have to do with expanded military operations. This event in particular appears to have been covered up as credible videos were scrubbed from the web and subsequent footage looks phony, he explained. There were reports of beings from eyewitnesses who were quite shaken up from the sightings, Enoch added. "I have a hard time believing that people are going to make this up completely," he said.

In the third hour, psychedelic science researcher Rich Haridy shared details of the largest ever DMT survey, which was recently conducted. "There is something very unique and different about DMT compared to all other psychedelic substances," he said. Under the substances' influence, many users are transported to somewhere in particular where they report encountering otherworldly entities, Haridy explained. The study surveyed more than 2,500 DMT-induced entity experiences to find remarkable similarities reported among users, he reported.

The final hour was devoted to Open Lines.


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