Knights Templar & Freemasonry / Demons & Discarnate Spirits

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Knights Templar & Freemasonry / Demons & Discarnate Spirits

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In the first half, Knights of Templar expert, William Mann joined Richard Syrett to offer a look into the controversial life of Albert Pike, America's iconic Mason, along with revelations of ancient alliances between Native Americans and the Knights Templar in the New World. Pike had a noteworthy career as a lawyer, confederate soldier, outdoorsman, and politician, but devoted a lot of his time to developing rituals for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Mann studied encoded correspondences between Pike and another Masonic leader, British Colonel James MacLeod Moore in developing his recent novel that culminates in the discovery of the Templars' treasure hidden in a vault. Their treasure, he cited, includes riches, sacred artifacts, and forbidden knowledge about Jesus, and the time before the Great Flood.

Mann contends that the Knights Templar traveled to the New World well before Columbus, and hid their invaluable treasures somewhere in the western United States. Pike worked for the rights of various North American Indian tribes (some of whom he conscripted to fight for the Confederate side during the Civil War), and learned about their recollections of the Templars, who were said to visit during the 12-14th centuries. Further, there were intermarriages between Templars and the Algonquin tribe, he said. Mann also talked about how certain Renaissance paintings offer clues as to the Templar treasure location, if people know how to decode them.


In the latter half, demonologist Nathaniel Gillis spoke about his study and encounters with ghosts, discarnate spirits, demons, and Shadow People, as well as conducting deliverance and exorcism. As a child, he lived in a haunted home for eight years, and during one juncture, an entity became attached to him and followed him to other places when he did sleepovers. As part of the haunting, Gillis had recurring nightmares involving a boy who put a revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger. Living with these experiences, "helped me develop an immunity," he explained, and allows him to withstand others' demonic encounters, as part of his calling.

Shadow People, known as shades in biblical antiquity, "are the most evil entities out there" and are in the process of evolving, he declared. Regarding ghost-like beings, there are two kinds of possession, Gillis detailed: One type wants to have a body again, and the others are restless because they died before their time and seek to attach themselves to the living. Possession is a "test run," and the end game for some apparitions is to reproduce with humans via spectral intercourse, he suggested. Alien abduction could fall into this category, he noted, and such cases were described in the Bible and ancient Mesopotamia. The aliens, Gillis continued, are simply avatars or "social skin" that the entities drape on for their interactions with us.

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