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Pendulums & Spirit Communication / Open Lines

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Dan Baldwin is a skilled pendulum dowser who has worked on several high-profile missing persons cases with astounding results. He joined George Noory in the first half of the show to discuss pendulum dowsing and how it can be used to contact the dearly departed. Baldwin traced the practice of dowsing back thousands of years, noting there are depictions of dowsers in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. In pendulum dowsing, one simply holds a string connected to a weight and asks yes or no questions, he explained. "There's nothing magic whatsoever about the pendulum — it's a rock on a string — but the movement is directed by [finger muscles through] your subconscious which is directed by the higher power," Baldwin said.

The hard part of pendulum dowsing is keeping one's mind neutral, he continued. "If you can hold a rock on a string, you can talk to the spirit world," Baldwin asserted. The reason a pendulum works well in spirit communication is many spirits can talk directly to the higher power with no need for an intermediary person or device, he explained. According to Baldwin, contacting the other side with a pendulum is quite easy: simply hold the pendulum, ask if any spirits are around, then ask yes or no questions to whomever answers. Nine times out of ten a spirit will reply through the pendulum, he revealed. Baldwin suggested going into dowsing sessions with an open mind and positive attitude. "All the spirits I've ever encountered are friendly folk... I've never had a negative experience," he reported.


Open Lines followed in the latter part of the program. A journalist named Bill from Los Angeles told George he was skeptical about many of things he heard on the program but one event was hard to challenge. "I'm skeptical of about probably ninety percent of the stuff I hear people talk about on [Coast to Coast], the one thing that intrigues me... is the 1952 flyover that was documented in newspapers over Washington," Bill said. Newspapers documented the it, the Air Force reported going after it, President Truman acknowledged it, and the incident is on film which is likely to be genuine since altering footage in the time would have been difficult, Bill explained.

Yager in Wynnewood, Oklahoma (former home of Joe Exotic) suggested listeners interested in pendulum dowsing ask to communicate with "the boss of all reapers." According to Yager, his mother is this reaper boss. "That's a great way to get a lot of information, especially about other planes of existence," he said. Yager also claimed the refinery where he works has had a rash of Bigfoot sightings, and one was actually caught on camera. He described the beast as 8-feet-tall and very dirty, as though he had rolled around in grease.

The final half-hour featured a replay from 1/30/2017 when Uri Geller discussed his life as the world's most well-known psychic.

News segment guests: Jerome Corsi / Peter Davenport

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