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Comics & Maverick Science / Afterlife Communications


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsNeal Adams, Carole Obley

In the first half, legendary comic book artist Neal Adams discussed his career, as well as many of his maverick scientific theories. In addition to his comic book work, he spoke about designing stage sets and amusement park rides such as the Terminator T2 3-D ride at Universal Studios. He also develops the technology for 3-D comic books and reported that some comic books would soon have scannable artwork, which opens in an app that plays related animations. The construction of a dramatic story is the same in comic books as it is in other mediums, he explained. For films, he noted the importance of drawing the audience into the story with an exciting event, before the characters get into any exposition.

He suggested that the Big Bang theory --the idea that matter came into existence in a single instant and began to expand outward-- goes against the rules of physics. Instead, he believes matter in the universe started with the natural creation of one electron and one positron in a process called pair-production. This was followed by a second, third, fourth continuation of pairs, and so on until we have the growing universe of today. Adams also expounded on such scientific topics as continental plates and subduction, how mountain ranges were formed, and the way dinosaurs lived and went extinct. The fearsome T-Rex could chase its prey at some 70mph, he estimated.


Professional spiritual medium Carole J. Obley has communicated with souls who have crossed into the spirit world through thousands of private and group sessions. In the latter half, she shared how contact with the spirit realm can be a catalyst in healing grief, and outlined various lessons she's gleaned from working with the Other Side. One of these lessons is that "the power of choice determines the quality of our lives," she detailed, and those choices, made in the "now" moment, determine the nature of our experiences. "Releasing the past accelerates our spiritual growth" is another lesson. This typically involves forgiveness, she noted, which is a "cornerstone of healing."

Our wounds don't diminish who we are, Obley pointed out, explaining that one's greatest challenges and suffering can become points of awareness and opportunities for awakening. This is especially true for the pandemic era, and what people derive from the experience, she added. She said that in the afterlife, former physical lives are viewed as how we might think of our dream content, yet, spirits do continue on with pursuits and interests they had while alive. To become adept at communicating with the departed, she advised practicing meditation, which helps open up energy centers. Obley also talked about how she sometimes sees scenes of a person's past lives that appear above their right shoulder.

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