Tesla & Ozone Technology / UFOs, Jesus, & the Bible

Tesla & Ozone Technology / UFOs, Jesus, & the Bible


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMarc Seifer, Richard Lawrence

Marc J. Seifer, PhD., a retired professor of psychology, is the author of several books on Nikola Tesla. In the first half, he discussed Tesla's revolutionary ozone technology that is still on the cutting edge over 100 years later. Tesla first built an ozone generator in 1896. After he ran out of funding at his experimental Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island in the early 1900s, he began to sell the generators and electrotherapy machines, Seifer recounted. Tesla was very interested in helping people with their health and discovered that microbes could be removed from the skin using an "electric bath." By WWI, Seifer continued, ozone was being used to treat and disinfect wounds, including gangrene. In 1984, he learned that a doctor had injected an ozone solution (97% oxygen, 3% ozone) into a cancer patient's bloodstream, and the tumors were shed.

When Seifer investigated ozone therapy in more recent years, he found reports that it could disable various viruses like Ebola, and the current coronavirus. Yet, when he reached out to news media and political figures in the US to share this development, he received no response. This may have been because the FDA has labeled ozone as a toxic gas "that has no medical application," which Seifer believes is misguided. Talking about Tesla's innovations and brilliance, Seifer noted he could use powerful eidetic imagery, seeing how machines would run in his mind. In his research into Tesla at Wardenclyffe, he discovered vast tunnels underneath the structure, some seven stories below the earth. Tesla was sending electricity through the ground, Seifer explained. There is currently a Tesla Science Center at the Wardenclyffe site, which is in the midst of its annual fund drive.


In the latter half, UK paranormal expert Richard Lawrence talked about how we can look at events in the Bible through the lens of ufology, as well as the wisdom of UFO/interplanetary contactee Dr. George King. The biblical account of the Star of Bethlehem leading the Magi or Wise Men and then stopping above Jesus' location is similar to the activity of a UFO rather than an astrological conjunction, Lawrence commented. Jesus, he said, could have been of extraterrestrial origin (as Dr. King suggested in the 1950s), an "avatar" or divine incarnation, which is how Buddha and Krishna are sometimes described. According to King's channeling of Jesus, he was actually born on March 15th, not on December 25th. The early church may have switched the date to tap into the pagan solstice celebration, he added.

Descriptions in the Bible such as Ezekiel's "wheel within a wheel" with beings that emerge from it, sound like an anomalous aerial vehicle, Lawrence cited. The "clouds" written about in Exodus and other parts of the Bible are clearly not clouds as we know them, he added. There are also fiery chariots with Elijah, and more examples here. In his trance mediumship, Dr. King received "twelve blessings," Lawrence revealed, and these have been applied to a method of sending out positive spiritual energy into the world. 

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