Restrictions on Rights / The Year in Astrology

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Restrictions on Rights / The Year in Astrology

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In the first half, constitutional lawyer Jonathan Emord discussed the state of individual freedoms in America, specifically as they relate to various government orders, mandates, and restrictions not addressed in the US Constitution. At its core, Emord said, power exercised in this way is a product of 'the administrative state,' which in turn is itself a product of authoritarian socialist ideology he credits to the 19th-century German philosopher Hegel. In fact, Emord contended, socialism has been at work in the federal government since the antebellum period. It found a new home in the administrative state that he says emerged in the late 1800s, grew stronger in the progressive movements of the 20th century, and, Emord believes, is dangerously evident in the current presidential administration. The administrative state is not merely corrupt and opposed to citizens’ freedom, according to Emord, but is "wholly unconstitutional" because its agents are often unelected and operate outside of his interpretation of the roles the Constitution provides for the three branches of American government.

The administrative state's motives, Emond said, are about controlling the population, which it does through various means. By depriving people of their personal liberty, for example, citizens become more dependent on government and allow the state to monitor and manage individuals' choices of work, associations, and even speech, he argued. At its worst, Edmond asserted, this 'Hegelian socialism' practiced by the administrative state was used by the Confederacy to justify the owning of slaves. Other problems he attributed to the influence of socialism included the practices of eugenics and forced sterilization, excessive use of executive actions by US presidents, the 'destruction of enterprise,' and the hijacking of the American education system by disciples of the administrative state. "We need, as American citizens, to understand who our enemy is," he stated. "If we don't take our country back, we are going to lose it."


Author, web publisher, and businesswoman Susan Miller’s contributions to astrology have made her a worldwide authority. In the second half, Miller related the story of how she developed her skills as an astrologer. A lengthy stay in the hospital as a teenager, Miller said, taught her patience and compassion for others. Sidelined from many of the activities her classmates enjoyed as she recovered, Miller began to study astrology, she recalled. At first, her mother objected, saying that astrology was "not a parlor game," but something that must be practiced carefully. When Miller persisted, however, her mother relented, and even became her daughter's mentor in astrology and philosophy. Her mother's guidance paid off, Miller maintained, because she grew up to be a professional astrologer, writing 40,000 words a month, including horoscopes for as many as six magazines at a given time.

To give listeners an idea of what to expect in 2021, Miller then did a run-down of every astrological sign, providing what she said were predictions for people in their personal, family, and work lives. In the last hour, she took calls from listeners with specific questions about their prospects for 2021. Miller noted that unlike a psychic, her work as an astrologer is more "mathematical," in that the specific alignment of planets in our solar system has a logical, definite impact on human endeavors—leaving her to analyze and interpret the picture presented by the astronomical data.

News segment guests: John R. Lott, Peter R. Breggin

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