Curse of Lizzie Borden

Curse of Lizzie Borden


HostIan Punnett

GuestsSam Baltrusis, Bill Kousoulas

Author and clairvoyant Sam Baltrusis discussed the Lizzie Borden case with Ian Punnett (Twitter). Baltrusis related his attempts to piece together information about the murders through direct contact with Borden's spirit, which, he claimed, involves receiving "pieces of a puzzle" rather than clearly articulated conversations. Per his communications with Borden, Baltrusis went on, she does not take responsibility for the murders of her father and stepmother, and resists answering his questions about them.

The case is especially intriguing for him, he explained, because he is a distant relative of Lizzie Borden's. Balthrusis suggested that the tragedy that befell the Borden family may be part of an intergenerational curse that began long before the famous murders took place. He learned, for example, that an ancestor of Lizzie's was executed in the 1600s for killing his own mother. Others in Balthrusis's family history include major figures in the Salem Witch Trials, a discovery that distressed him greatly. "If you look at the family's lineage, it's stained with blood," he observed.

Among the explanations of the Borden case Balthrusis finds to be credible are that an uncle of Lizzie's helped orchestrate the murders, and that she experienced a "psychotic break" on that day. He noted, however, that it's sometimes difficult to sort out evidence he gathers through clairvoyance, because he encounters different people connected to the Borden home and it's not always easy to know who he's communicating with.

Callers in the final hour of the program included a listener in Minnesota who shared a theory she read about: that a neighbor witnessed a man in the Bordens' yard on the day of the murders who may have been the real killer. Baltrusis replied that this theory, involving an affair Lizzie's father was allegedly having with a local woman, was one of many known to researchers, but that he didn't consider it to be based in fact. When another caller asked him whether Borden's spirit was still at Maplecroft, her residence after she was acquitted for the murders, Baltrusis affirmed that she was, because "she's got unfinished business" there. Two listeners also weighed in on the side of those who believe Borden committed the murders as revenge for mistreatment by her father—either her own abuse or her sister's.


In the first hour, paranormal researcher Bill Kousoulas joined the show to talk about West Virginia's Mothman legend, including the theory that the paranormal activity in Point Pleasant was connected to other mysterious incidents like the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge that resulted in 46 deaths. Calling Point Pleasant a "mini Skinwalker Ranch" because of the reports there of UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and the Mothman around the time of the bridge collapse, Kousoulas argued that the incidents "build an entire story" that merit serious investigation.



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