Battles of 'The Light System' / Alien DNA & Healing

Battles of 'The Light System' / Alien DNA & Healing


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsJason Shurka, Sherry Anshara

Author, producer, and founder of, a social media platform, Jason Shurka, focuses on educating the world and raising the collective consciousness. In the first half, he discussed his contact with a clandestine spiritual organization that he says has existed on this planet for millennia. Known as 'The Light System' (TLS), they are said to intervene in countless situations for the betterment of humanity, such as by reducing the impact of climate disasters (which he indicated may be set into motion by nefarious forces). His contact from the organization, who goes by the name of "Ray," answers a variety of questions about the mysterious group in the free video series Disclosure (Ray appears in silhouette with his voice electronically modified). There are currently around 8400-8500 members in the TLS, but about 2,000 have died in recent years because of dangerous missions, Shurka claimed. Seven hundred of the deaths were in Australia "because there were a lot of operations happening underground over there to clear out certain tunnels," he said.

The TLS, he continued, has advanced technology at their disposal, including such things as free energy, and UFO-styled craft. "It's a form of technology that really integrates and merges our physical understanding of life with consciousness," he explained. The TLS battles with an adversarial group that sets up ambushes against them-- 17 out of 20 TLS members were killed in a conflict involving radiation poisoning, Shurka recounted. The hostile group seeks to put humanity into spiritual enslavement using a globalist agenda, he detailed. However, the idea of a one-world government could potentially be a good thing, he conceded, but the group that seeks it now is led by psychopaths.


As the founder of the Anshara Method, Sherry Anshara utilizes her experience and expertise as a consciousness expert, medical intuitive, and spiritual advisor as the foundation for her groundbreaking work with cellular memory. In the latter half, she spoke about alien intervention with humanity, as well as her healing techniques. According to Anshara, visitors from the planet Nibiru (the Anunnaki) embedded duality-based DNA into the human race as a template with emotional and physical commands. This, she contended, was done to keep humans enslaved with the "Duality Fear" program.

She added that the duality grid leads to illness and disease, addictions, depression, anxiety, cancer, and warlike behavior. To counteract this, Anshara teaches her clients to become non-emotional observers, and to expand their field, so they don't take in the resonance of false duality and negativity. "I actually can see inside people's bodies even to the molecular level," Anshara stated, and through her method, she supports clients in connecting with their "pure cellular memory" to heal physical ailments.

The final half-hour featured audio from a past interview with legendary paranormal author and investigator Brad Steiger.

News segment guests: Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock



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