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Power of Consciousness / Hauntings & Spirits

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In the first half, researcher and futurist Stephan Schwartz discussed the latest research on consciousness and how it seems interconnected among all living beings in a kind of matrix. Evidence from near-death studies, reincarnation, and remote viewing indicates that "consciousness is not entirely physiologically based," exists outside of the brain, and has a continuity after physical death, he remarked. The key to tapping into the power of consciousness comes from meditation and "the ability to attain and sustain intentioned focused awareness," he explained. By turning away from ordinary sensory awareness, you can hear the "still small voice," which is the part of consciousness that existed prior to your incarnation and continues after death, he added.

Incarnation research shows that the time between lives is just 15 months for young people that die suddenly, he reported, and this is set in motion by their choices. Everything arises from consciousness, including space-time, and "what we call reality is a construct, an architecture of information created by intentioned consciousness," he stated. Further, human consciousness can have an interactive relationship with various forms, including such things as insects and bacteria, he continued. Schwartz has also been exploring the 'biodynamic' nature of plants. He suggested that they have their own form of consciousness and memory, and can share information.


A nurse for 34 years, Lynn Monet became a paranormal consultant and lecturer. In the latter half, she talked about haunted locations, as well as her ability to see earthbound spirits and other dimensions, which she's had from an early age. In her work in the medical field, she noticed that patients with schizophrenia who heard voices had "attachments" on their backs, and she concluded that these entities were the source of the voices. One of the patients who had "claw marks" on her body told her that she heard 25 different voices. Monet said she observed misshapen heads like clustered grapes on the woman's shoulder. People with addictions, she added, sometimes have "archons" nestled on their backs, which she said can take on an astral form of spiders, crabs, or reptiles.

Regarding the haunted home she previously owned, Monet witnessed her friend clawed to the point of bleeding right in front of her. After that, she brought in a paranormal group from Georgia who determined that a "hell dog" was ferociously guarding the area (the house, they explained, was apparently built on a kind of ley line where negative energy traveled through). In regards to confronting demons, she advised staying neutral, or actually sending love to them. This causes them to immediately dart away as they seek to feed on fear, sadness, and negative energy. Monet also discussed her explorations into the death process, and shared-death experiences, including with her mother when she was passing.

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