Astrology Forecast / Washington Monument Mysteries

Astrology Forecast / Washington Monument Mysteries


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSusan Miller, David B. Sereda

Author, web publisher, and businesswoman, Susan Miller's achievements and contributions to the field of astrology have made her an authority in her field worldwide. In the first half, she discussed all 12 astrological signs - what lies ahead and important junctures to look forward to in the coming months. In 2023, the planet Mars will be on the move, as well as Saturn changing signs which will clear away roadblocks to problems we may have been stuck on for the last three years, she reported. Here is her forecast for each of the zodiac signs for 2023:

  • Aries – Until mid-May, Jupiter will be in this sign, which will continue to be a fortuitous time, as 2022 was.
  • Taurus – Jupiter will be in this sign starting in May for a year, which is a great time to plant seeds or develop projects and then see the yields.
  • Gemini – Look for an expansion of friends followed by a more reflective period.
  • Cancer – A focus on career yields benefits in the first quarter of the year.
  • Leo – Publishing, broadcasting, and legal matters are highlighted, with May being a focus in the career arena.
  • Virgo – Marriage could be on the horizon, and the year's first half sees monetary reward.
  • Libra – Look for marriage prospects in the first half of the year with your partner doing well.
  • Scorpio – A time for interesting work assignments, and health improvement.
  • Sagittarius – The best time to move is in the beginning of 2023, with favorable love aspects in the first half of the year.
  • Capricorn – 2023 offers good luck with real estate or home remodeling projects. 
  • Aquarius – Saturn is leaving this sign, like a weight taken off the shoulder, making way for new and exciting possibilities. 
  • Pisces – Be ready to take on new responsibilities with Saturn moving into this sign. 

During the second hour, she gave readings to callers.


In the latter half researcher David Sereda talked about the hidden powers of the Washington Monument and its connection to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and the sudden explosions of the greatest inventions in history, all happening in an energy bubble within 200 nautical miles of the monument from the day of its arrival (view related graphics). He concluded this is related to a high-pitched A-note based on the 432-hertz frequency. Sereda believes such a frequency is given off by the Washington Monument (the tallest structure in the world at the time it was erected in 1884), and this has served to open up the creative possibilities of the human psyche for those within its radius.

This kind of frequency induction dates back to ancient times, he suggested, and was employed in such wonders as the Great Pyramid of Egypt, as well as Egyptian obelisks. The design of the Washington Monument used the Great Pyramid as a source of inspiration for its coding and dimensions, he added. Sereda also talked about the scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla, and their connection to frequency technology used in the monuments. Perhaps Tesla's greatest free energy concept, he cited, was to tap into the "Earth's motor"-- its resonant frequency, which offers incredible power.

News segment guests: Charles Coppes, John M. Curtis



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