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Mars Revelations / Working with Spirits

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Plasma physicist John Brandenburg, Ph.D. has worked in defense, energy, and space research. In the first half, he revealed evidence for a thermonuclear event occurring on Mars, as well as the progress being made on a crewed mission to Mars. Studying the Cydonia region on the Red Planet, he and researchers such as Richard C. Hoagland, looked at the "Face on Mars" and nearby pyramids, and concluded that a long-gone humanoid civilization once inhabited the area. Later, new images from another location on Mars called Galaxias Chaos revealed two more "faces," and what looked like ruins, he reported. According to Brandenburg, the Martian atmosphere contains the chemical element xenon 129, indicating a massive nuclear explosion took place, which he estimates occurred around 500,000 years ago.

He believes a nuclear device was detonated from space, and after the event, the planet went into a deep nuclear winter, changing from an Earth-like environment to its current state, though it still maintains some residual life. Brandenburg advocates for an emergency mission to Mars with astronauts to investigate. He suggested that a one-way journey to Mars is safer than a return trip because taking off from the Martian surface using a rocket is far more dangerous than landing with a big parachute. While as a general principle, he thinks we should become a space-faring civilization, one reason he wants us to travel to Mars is to see the destruction firsthand, which can serve as a warning of what might happen to our planet.


In the latter half, attorney Michelle Welch talked about how she conducts her work as an intuitive and psychic medium, and the various types of spiritual entities she encounters. She spoke about minding or clearing one's energy, and learning to recognize what is coming from oneself and what could be coming from elsewhere. For instance, when having surgery that involves general anesthesia, a person may want to get a spiritual clearing afterward because they can be susceptible to different forces while unconscious, she suggested. Welch described predatory spirits or demons, and how they look for weaknesses or vulnerabilities in individuals.

As a psychic, Welch said she gets her information from all different types of sources, including her spirit guides, and doesn't mind if clients ask where her insights are coming from. She discussed her recent training to become a death doula so that she could help those dealing with grief in a deeper way. Welch also explained the practice of psychometry, such as holding an item in your hand, like a ring or watch, and sensing the emanations of the owner. People don't realize that clothes especially can retain a person's energy, she shared, and garments at thrift stores may contain such energies even after they're washed. During the last hour, she offered readings for callers.

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