Extraterrestrial Mysteries / Ian Punnett Tribute

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Extraterrestrial Mysteries / Ian Punnett Tribute

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Metaphysical researcher Constance Victoria Briggs investigates the mysteries of the universe and how they connect to humanity. In the first half, she discussed evidence linking Earth and extraterrestrials and how they may have been interacting with us since ancient times. Indeed, she posited that ETs possibly were responsible for terraforming the earth, making life possible here in the first place. Ancient artwork depicts disc-shaped craft with non-humans on top of them, she continued, and ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome all had stories about interactions with beings from the stars. During the medieval period, there are accounts of extraterrestrials interfering with wars across Europe, as well as having their own battles in the sky.

While ETs have made contact with certain individuals over the years, they have remained elusive, yet Briggs believes we could see a kind of "first contact" on a mass scale. She described underwater sightings or USOs (unidentified submerged objects)-- one of the first such sightings was by explorer Christopher Columbus. She reported that a scientist investigating beached whales witnessed a humanoid creature moving quickly underwater near illuminated craft. Briggs hypothesized that ETs are living in undersea bases to avoid detection, and they may be here to explore, observe, or seek a new home. She also touched on the Dogon tribe, who had advanced astronomical knowledge that may have come from ETs, as well as such topics as crop circles, lunar & solar anomalies, and stargates.


On December 22nd, we lost Ian Punnett at age 63. In the latter half, we honored our longtime colleague, friend, and fill-in host with four different show segments that paid tribute to his exceptional intellect, style, and radio talent that defined his integrity in the broadcasting industry. The tribute kicked off with a short live chat with Ian's widow, podcast and radio host Margery Punnett. Then, we heard an interview George Noory conducted with Ian on 7/27/22, with Ian sharing updates on his life as a professor at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, and his latest book on the future of journalism. This was followed by Ian's 6/17/22 conversation with The Cowsills about their history in the music business and their travails with their father.

Ian had a long-standing fascination with true crime, and as an example of this, we heard some of his 2/14/10 interview with journalist and investigator Kristi Piehl. She shared the latest evidence in the string of nationwide deaths that may have been caused by the "Smiley Face Killers." Our tribute closed with one of Ian's most classic Coast shows-- his 6/20/09 conversation with Jason 'The Horse,' a man who believed he was really a horse living inside a human body. We also heard short commemorations from Art Bell's former business partner Alan Corbeth, and C2C producers Lisa Lyon and Tom Danheiser. Feel free to share your favorite memories of Ian with us on our Facebook page. Ian, you will be missed!

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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